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  1. Let me know if u need my help. Ill see what I can do for those that are willing to come.
  2. Hew........... Ok, guys! Sorry, I've been MIA for a long time. First of all, I've been busy, REALLY BUSY... Ok, so, personally, I'm not 100% satisfied with the results. Is it the hospitals fault? I don't know. As I have mentioned, I"m a heavy smoker, and an insomniac. I don't get too much sleep and from what I know, sleep plays a very big part in skin healing. Anywho, personally I'm not fully satisfied. However, people around me tell me that my skin looks a lot better. Also one of the members he
  3. Hey khtw, Also I didn't get an email from you. I just checked my phone.
  4. Hey khtw, No he doesn't speak English. I actually had to help this girl out from this forum who has contacted me to book an appointment for her. If you need help let me know, my price is a fat dinner...lol no but if you need help let me know. Hey trendycat, Thanks for the info:) I've heard water does help a lot. I just bought me a e cig kit to kick this smoking habit and some melatonin to help me sleep. Also the redness has gone down a lot and all the or most of the scabs fell off and my ski
  5. Hey guys, Sorry for the late response. I'm currently in the process of moving so I've been busy. Plus I disconnected my Internet so I haven't really been on the comp. I'm writing this from my phone. Anywho, to answer all you question, yes I see improvements but still to early to see how much. It's still red so its hard for me to tell. Despite my negative life style I have to say I see improvements but not sure how much. I am indeed a smoker which is pretty stupid of me when I'm trying to fix m
  6. Can't wait to see your end result! Also, I've been thinking about possibly going to South Korea to teach english for a year after graduating University. This would be at least 3 years from now, but considering you mentioned a bit about teaching english in Korea before, I was wondering if you knew where I can get more information about this and whether there is a specific organization you would recommend working with? Thanks ! Hey Betterdays89l, You can check out www.eslconnections.com the
  7. Hey guys, I just came back from my 5th session. However, again, there is no point of me posting any pictures for now since it's still red and swollen. Be patient and in due time I'll post my end result. I'm impatient myself and would like to hurry up and see how the end results are going to be like but what can I do?? I'll be going in for my last session on the 27th and the doctor told me I would have to wait until the redness totally goes away,and then I'll see the work of art....
  8. Hey khtw, Yeah that would be the best bet. Just wait til my results. Anywho, if you are going to send me pictures, do so by today for I'm going in to see the doc tomorrow.
  9. Hey khtw, When I went in for a consultation, he told me all depressed scars such as rolling, ice pick, and boxcar scars. Are you in or willing to come to South Korea? Actually, why don't you wait until I'm finished with my treatment to see the result. I don't want to recommend anyone yet until I'm finishe and have good results. Ill be going in for my 5 th treatment next week Wednesday and ill be done after one more. In the mean time if you would like me to show the doctor ur scars to get some f
  10. Hey Sweetea, It was just an idea that I thought of since the therapy is not performed out of South Korea. You need those credentials in order to get a teaching job here in SK. You can also get a tourist visa and get it done but only a month of treatment, I don't know if you would see any drastic improvements depending on the severity of your scars. Also, making money to pay off your treatment wouldn't be a bad idea??
  11. Hey Panos, I think he's getting ready to do something overseas. In the mean time he wants me to help spread the word and possibly work as an agent to help out with all the transaction between the hospital and client. Anywho, I'm going to wait until I'm finished with my treatment and from there depending on my satisfaction, I'll think about doing something with them. One things for sure though, Korean doctors or plastic surgeons are know for their skills.
  12. Hey everyone, Just came back from my 4th session. So something new. Along with the needling, the doc lasered off the edges of the scar to even things out, which I think is brilliant. I'm not posting any pictures cause it's just going to look like the other ones, red and swollen. I've 2 more to go and then I'm done. I'm assuming he would want me to do more to make it really really perfect but time and money is a bit tight so I am planning to wait till December. Oh, yeah, I forgot. I was going to
  13. Hey guys, Just wanted to let u know I'm going in for my 4th session. I'm suppose to go under something else with Cora therapy so ill let you guys know what it is after its done. Thanks for the kind words.
  14. Hey betterdays89, Unfortunately, no that's all they have. I'm assuming they don't want to give out too much since they are the only ones that are performing this treatment here in South Korea. Hey Jace Cali Does this website give any more details about the procedure? It explains the process step-by-step, but a lot of the text could't be translated. The links at the top also lead to info about aftercare, frequently asked questions, etc... all in Korean Thanks again for keepin
  15. Thank you for your kind words. I'll keep you guys updated after my next session.