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  1. So I went to the Skn Clinic today - Nurse I saw there was very helpful & understanding and seemed to have a lot of knowledge of acne, the treatment of it and the psychological problems that accompany it. The consultation was about 20 minutes and involved a brief medical history (Stress, diet, etc) and a physical examination. However, as my acne was grade 4 (5 is the highest) there was no suitable treatments they could offer as it would only be targeting the symptoms and not the cause. Adv
  2. Everything you said, its how I feel. Especially taking the shirt off on holiday, I feel very self conscious - because like you said, this is supposed to be one of the most common skin problems, yet I never see anyone with it all over them like me! I feel as though I missed out growing up, avoided social outings at college like the plague so never really made friends. Couldn't work, unemployed for over a year due to my Social Anxiety which I partly blame acne for. I did a course of CBT therapy
  3. Hi guys, Suffered from Acne since the age of 13, I'm now 24, with basically no improvement. It used to be mainly on my forehead, chest and back when growing up, it stopped on my forehead after a few years and started to develop on my cheeks and jawline area which is where most my break outs occur now. Getting me down at the moment, mainly due to starting a new job last week and I noticed one lady staring at the side of my face, which really annoyed me... I have tried every product under