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  1. Hey guys, Some background: I have a really oily (and acne-prone) skin that's been bugging me for years. The only time my skin doesn't give me problem is when I am on Accutane. I've been on it for THREE courses, and have not seen any improvement in my skin post treatment. I stay in a warm tropical country, Singapore, with a very high humidity level of about on average 70% - which I believe strongly contributes to the oiliness of my skin. Some people have warned that over-washing the face may c
  2. I've noticed that recently I've been spotting quite a number of acne growing on my back. Interestingly, the spots that they are growing at is exactly at the spot where I often lay my back against. As I often sit on a chair with only a side of my back touching the back of the seat, and several hours a day in fact - that's where the acne has been thriving. Just wondering if that is a cause of concern or it would just be plainly because of stress + friction caused by the way that I sit?
  3. I'm not really sure where I could post this but I've this issue of redness around my mouth that starts from the smile lines down to my chin from time to time. Usually if I'm not doing anything, that area of my face would be the same colour as my skin but whenever I smile broadly, or when I blush, get really warm, that specific area gets really red as if I'm blushing on my mouth. It's not in the form of a rash, just plain redness like how someone would look like when they're blushing. T
  4. Hey guys, I'm a 19 year old chinese male living in Singapore (nope singapore is definitely not in china). Like most teenagers, I too have a common skin condition - acne. Unfortunately, I belong to the smaller and unluckier group of people who has to take drastic measures to control their skin condition. Let me talk about where I stay. Singapore is a tropical country with no seasons. Basically, it is summer all year long and sometimes monsoon. Not to mention the humidity level is extremely h