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  1. The Dr said it looks good and we will just have to wait and see how it heals, but I am so worried that its going to come out looking worse. I thought haveing it stitched it would heal into a nice line but its more like a bigger hole. Have you ever had this done??
  2. [attachmentid=268]I had a punch done on an icepick scar 1 week ago, and I had 2 stitches. Now it seems like the skin has pulled through the stitches and has become much larger. I have a scab now and I am really worried as to how this thing is going to heal. I have no other noticable acne scars on my face and this thing is right smack dab in between my eyes. Any advice would be fantastic. Also, I have been getting large cysts all over my face. This has come out of nowhere! I am a 31 yr ol