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  1. The best time to "burn off" all that starch would be as soon as you ate it, but in terms of acne causing factors...I don't think you can avoid it. Just don't eat the stuff.
  2. hmm...I just drink full-fat unpasteurized milk...raw straight from the cow. No added hormone. No acne problems here. :-k http://www.realmilk.org/
  3. http://www.mercola.com/2003/aug/23/acne.htm Thought some might want to read it.
  4. Wouldn't be so bad if it weren't pasteurized/homogenized...
  5. Yes, well...removing soda from the diet is good for EVERYONE. It is not harmful to remove refined sugar from the diet...not to anyone. It is only healthy.
  6. Well david, everyone has their own unique genetic background. If you are of Irish heritage...historically, your natural food would have been a lot of fish...then after the agricultural revolution...Oats and fish, since I believe oat is the only grain that grows well enough in your part of the world to be worth planting. But I'd avoid even oats for now. You're most likely well adapted to a high-fat, high-protein diet. Stick with natural beef and green vegetables...can't go wrong there. You can de
  7. It IS all brainwashing. It's unfounded and completely false that people, especially children, need cow milk to be healthy.
  8. Milk won't make you tall.
  9. I eat absolutely no grains. Only animals, vegetables, and fruit. It's the only thing that has cleared me.
  10. My opinion: Acne is a symptom.
  11. No, it's probably no coincidence. The protein shake you take is probably whey protein? Whey is just milk...with it's fat and sugar removed. This milk is pasteurized (destroyed). Humans are not really designed to drink the milk of other species. Your protein should ideally come from the flesh of grass-eating animals or the flesh of fish. This is the best protein for humans and other meat-eating species. We've evolved on it for millions of years...Your body most likely doesn't handle whey very wel
  12. Do not drink regular store-bought milk. It is pasteurized and homogenized. This completely destroys any benefit to milk and makes it dangerous for you. The calcium in milk is also poorly absorbed. People focus too much on calcium for bone building...many other minerals are just as important...such as magnesium and phosphorous. Milk is not good for bone building and it is definitely not healthy in any way unless it comes straight from the cow, raw, like nature intended. Meats, fats, and green
  13. Kbuen, someone made an error. Coca-Cola contains about 78 grams of sugar per 710 ml, not 27. Sugar is NOT human food and has been devastating the health of humans since it was introduced into our diets hundreds of years ago. It's consumption has risen dramatically during the past century. We're eating more refined sugar...something never eaten in man's evolutionary history, than ever before. It is absolutely catastrophic to the human body. It will catch up with you sooner or later. Quit it while
  14. Revolution, those 2 links are only intended to show some people how bad sugar is for you. Only sugar. The rest of my diet you obviously do not understand. If you can tell me how it is bad, I'll gladly listen, though I don't think you are able.
  15. Soda is absolutely destructive to the human body. I gave it up along with all refined sugars, all grains and all dairy back in October. I think there's something like 8 tablespoons of sugar in each 20 oz bottle. Sucrose. White table sugar. Anywhere this lethal substance is introduced, it causes massive damage to the health of people. It may not appear destructive at first but I can guarantee anyone who partakes in this over a course of time WILL suffer. Instead...How bout some green tea with a