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  1. Common wisdom has always been to never pop pimples, but further reading on the subject indicates that in some cases it's perfectly fine, and even beneficial in terms of preventing scarring. The caveat is that it needs to be a whitehead that has fully developed. After doing a little research I decided to try it on a nasty one an inch or two below my eye using a sterilized needle. It seems to have worked in that all of the pus is gone but now I have a small crater where the whitehead used to be. D
  2. The website is full of red flags from the shady before and after photos, the overall cheesy layout, and the consistent 4-5 star reviews. Even the best products will get bad reviews now and again as a result of misuse, unrealistic expectations, or some kind of allergic reaction to their skin. The real tip-off for this or any other product being a scam is that it isn't available on any other site but their own. If the product was as great as advertised it would be sold on Amazon, at major reta
  3. That's some brilliant research, what with your singular anecdotal evidence and all. My Grandmother is still alive at the age of 73 despite smoking her entire adult life, yet a friend of mine's father who ate well and excercised daily died from a massive heart attack in his early 50's. Scientific proof that smoking doesn't affect lifespan, amirite?
  4. I haven't tried Accutane myself but everything I've read about it says that it takes on average of 4-6 months to take effect, and I believe a full Accutane treatment cycle lasts around 5 months, so I think you abandoned the treatment far too early to say whether it worked or not. I'm further into the Regimen than you OP and I've also given up. I've followed every step to a tee, taken various other precautions, and still find myself breaking out. The Regimen is effective on the acne itself, but
  5. I've got similar marks and it's been around 6-8 months since I start using the Regimen and they haven't faded one bit, although that's probably because the Regimen hasn't been very effective for me.
  6. Those are incredible results. Not only did you become acne free in mere months after suffering from severe acne but you don't have hardly any marks on your face. Needless to say I'm very jealous. I don't have acne anywhere near as severe as you did but the regimen hasn't been nearly as effective for me. It does a good job of treating my acne but it leaves behind dark marks that take months to fade and doesn't seem to do much in the way of curbing breakouts. The only success I've had in that
  7. Hmm, I seem to have nearly identical acne to you, both in terms of the look of the acne and it being located on my cheeks. FWIW I'm a 24 year old male, though I probably hit puberty a few years later than most. Like you, I'm at a loss for a cure. I've tried various topicals, all kinds of pills, and routines with little to no tangible results. I'm thinking it might be time to schedule a visit to a dermatologist, but I'm a little skeptical of the work they do and it's probably fairly expensive. Is
  8. Almost every single person who will be posting on the matter one way or another is going to offer conjecture. Saying 'well, unless you're an acne expert and can break down exactly how it causes acne then I won't believe it' is pretty dismissive. The knowledge of acne relative to other medical conditions is extremely limited, and the successful treatment of acne is very diverse. There's no reason to scoff at reasonable explanations of what might be causing somebody's acne when conventional wisdom
  9. 1 is true but I am very, very skeptical of 2. I'm a firm believer that my particular outbreaks are caused by certain kinds of foods, and almost without exception when I consume one of them I get a pimple or two within the next day or so. I'm aware that correlation does not equal causation, so believe me I wouldn't just say this if it had happened to me a couple of times. I've tested it enough to know that it is indeed the cause of my breakouts, and they can come very quickly after consuming some
  10. For the past few years I've been bordering on being chubby and never had any skin issues to speak of. Recently however I landed a very labor intensive job, and over the past 8 months I've lost around 25 pounds and am now what people would consider to be skinny. Ever since I've begun losing weight it seems as if my acne problems are finally surfacing. I haven't changed my diet one bit, I eat the same things I did before with no other change that I can think of besides the weight loss. Combining m