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  1. It varies but the initial redness shouldn't last more than 6 or 7 weeks. I know its annoying but give it time it will go away, you just have to put up with it.
  2. Patience is key but you WILL definetly get clear as long as you stay consistent, that is the key. Good luck with the rest of your journey.
  3. quinoderm isnt a gentle cleanser i wouldnt recommend that. Stick with the cetaphil gentle cleanser its non condemgenic so it wont clog your pores. The one you are using now dosent say non condemgenic so i would change it to the cetaphil one.
  4. Thats normal when starting the regimen, everyone gets the redness and some minor irritation for the first few weeks. Aslong as its not really painful or burned you are fine. Redness is normal dont worry about it, it goes away when your skin gets used to the BP.
  5. cetaphil mostiruizing lotion, and cetaphil gentle cleanser is the ones i use and they work perfectly. The idea of the cleanser is to get something thats gentle dosent clog pores and dosent dry your skin out to badly after washing with it, thats why the regimen gets you to only wash quickly for 10 seconds with a gentle cleanser to get rid of surface oils, the longer you leave the face wash on the more it will dry out your skin when you are out of the shower. And i can recommend the cetaphil
  6. For me i was completly clear after 6 weeks but ive read lots of stories of people who took 3 months before they got clear, some 4 month. Whatever you do , dont give up on the regimen some peoples skin take longer than others, stay strong and keep up with the regimen everyday You WILL get clear skin by the end of the 4th month for sure.
  7. Took me about 6 weeks in too the regimen to get completley clear too and i've staid that way ever since thank god . But what gets rid of flakiness completly is applying aha every second night instead of moisturizer, and on the day inbetween mix jojoba oil in with your moistuirzer . so night one is cleanse , apply BP, then apply dans AHA thats it. Next night cleanse, apply BP then , moisturizer+ 10 drops of jojoba oil mixed together only at night for both days. In the morning's just do the usual
  8. BP is the main part of the regimen thats the thing that makes it work basically. The cleanser and moisturizer you can choose yourself if you want, check on here for recommended cleansers and moisturizers, basically you want a noncondemgenic mostirizer and cleanser, make sure it says that on the product "noncondemgenic". A good one is cetaphil mostiruzer and cetaphil cleanser that you can buy from uk. And yes BP is BP basically dosent matter what brand it is they all work the same way. But dans
  9. I've personally used zineryt and im from uk too after about, 4 months it stopped working completly. I currently use the regimen now and it totally saved my skin, i also use dans products and get them delivered from the uk. If you buy just the BP itself you can get 4x8oz BP tubes from the american amazon .com for £57 and that will last you for about 5 months+. So it only works out about £11 odd a month. Better getting the 8oz tubes because then you can cut it open to get the last out of it unli