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  1. what? i so did not understand that lol

  2. Hey only just noticed your comment, the if you pm Gumby he will make an account for you - he isn't allowed to post but can still read pms

    See you there

  3. This is very true but why does the feedback of ppl who liked the chat matter and the ppl who didn't like it not matter? Since Dan apparently wanted feedback and comments, he didn't say only good or only bad, he just said feedback and comments are appreciated, so when I see someone saying " Well your point doesn't matter because you never used the chat.", or " You weren't a regular member of chat so who cares what you tthink.", it's like why does only the point of someone who regularly attended t
  4. hey, just read ur post. whats the link to the un-mod chat?

  5. Another unmoderated chat is available run by acne.org members, please pm me for the link.
  6. There is another chat available which is unmoderated but holds a lot of ex members. It isn't fair to advertise it here but pm me if you would like the link and would like to chat safely rather than exchange e-mails etc
  7. I think it is a shame that chat has closed and whilst there was sexual discussion on there and it is a site for all ages it isn't one sponsored by the disney channel, I'm guessing that the majority demographic is teens and above and sex is a huge subject it helps to build up relationships with members and whilst information on sex can be found on informative websites it doesn't always deal with the colloquial. That is a matter of opinion and I doubt very much it will be changed. We have watched
  8. This is terrible news, that chat made me come back Why can't there just be a happyflowers/happyflowers! restriction on sex references?
  9. I think you're right, but it would entail going on the derm waiting list again by when I hope the spot would have gone. I am please to report it is now a small nearly dried out mother fucker.
  10. lol yep it was utterly pointless. Just thought I would give it a go worth a try and all that thing is fritz I have really good skin now, 'tane a few years back got me over it and i only break out a little occaisionally since i've stopped BCP. I guess now i'm 24 as opposed to 18 when I started posting i've just grown out of it and I kind of have a skin where I can experiment now.
  11. too late i did it the i'm not too worried abou the oily thing, my skin is pretty good now just starting to get a little worse since I got the implant and stopped taking Dianette. Ibuprofen however is a good call.
  12. I have a huge mother fucker of a spot and some left over accutane. I would like to know people's opinion of piercing a capsual and using it as a topical. I'm going to do it anyway but any opinions on it would be nice i'll update it with results.