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  1. Huggaholic

    Its almost 3 months!!

    Another update on regimen, like the title says its been three months and the results have been wonderful! :D I am more confident these days, but I'm sad to say it might take 4 months because my acne was on the severe side.
  2. Huggaholic

    Another Update on Regimen

    These pictures have better lighting so you can see the results so far. Again I will say this, the results look better in real life! :]
  3. Huggaholic

    My progress so far

    These pictures are pictures of my progress in the two months and a few days. I'm happy with the results do far but I'm still waiting for totally clear skin :c
  4. I miss this clear skin!!
  5. I miss this clear skin!!
  6. This an old picture....
  7. Huggaholic


    The old days
  8. Huggaholic

    My Acne

    These are all pictures of what I look like before starting The Regiment. I'm looking forward to trying it after watching a video on youtube and getting a recommendation from a friend!