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  1. Hey! the scarring on your lower jawline seems pretty hyper pigmented, I'm not sure if its just the yellow light in the pictures making it look more so, the one thing that had really been effective with my scars is the needling method, it got rid of a-lot of the depth of my scars and the redness, I haven't tried any creams for fear they would make my break out and cause even more scars. I did try lemon juice at one point, but it was too severe and dried out my skin, though it did help even my ski
  2. Hey acne.org! I haven't been updating at all, mostly because there hasn't been too much going on, but I made a few changes, and am making a few changes as I go on, so I wanted to let you all know! Summer is typically the best time for my skin, all the sunshine is great for my skin, and the air in Florida is pretty humid, which is good for my normal to dry skin, plus I freckle up in the summer, which I personally enjoy. I typically have three to four little pimples on my face, so I'm almost never
  3. Hey all! Sorry I haven't been updating much, but honestly, there's not much to update! Haven't really had too many problems on the skin woes front. A few breakouts here and there when I eat too many milk products or am on my period, but beyond that, things have been progressing nicely, the deep scars on my forehead are getting shallower, and wherever I don't wear makeup, i don't break out, so I'm trying to break myself of makeup entirely, but it's a slow process, but right now I don't wear makeu
  4. I'm sorry your skin is making you feel so bad, it's a really hard skin condition, and if you let it, it can control your life. I've had two times in my life now where I've had very serious breakouts, and both have them were very hard, but the first time was so much worse. I believe the first time was so much harder because I was blaming all the problems in my life on my skin, or my looks in general, and it just isn't true. A lot like you, I thought if my skin would just clear up, my life would j
  5. aurielle357

    Sweet Success

    Hello all! Well I am in a considerably more optimistic state of mind than I was in my last post, the crazy hormones of that time of the month have thankfully left me, my skin has calmed down a TON, and I'm delighted to share with you two new "treatments" which seem to be working quite smashingly--and they are as completely all natural, which is a huge bonus. I have maybe one or two active pimples right now, which is a huge improvement over two weeks ago, or even last week. I've been doing a cou
  6. Do you always sleep on the same side? If so, then you need to be washing your pillow case quite a bit, having dirty cloth touching your cheek for eight or so hours could definitely cause zits.
  7. Oh I'm sorry! Well now I'm embarrassed...yay! Haha moving on, I actually don't use the regimen, I think the skincare system I use is in my signature, so check it out if you're interested I've been using that system for about three months, and I've cleared up a lot, but I still break out somewhat, and I haven't used any treatments on my PIH yet, so they've been fading a bit over time, but not dramatically or anything. I hope your journey goes well!
  8. Your acne journey sounds a lot like mine, LOTS of cysts in the beginning, and then tapering out to mild acne, with LOTS of hyperpigmentation. I don't know WHAT it is with cysts, but it seems like once you get one, you are doomed--they are so stinking hard to get rid of, and I know a lot of people say don't pop...but honestly, I wouldn't have been able to get rid of some of them without popping them. Cystic acne is truly dreadful. Hang in there girl!
  9. aurielle357


    Hey guys! Okay, I know it's been inexcusably long since I updated y'all on my face, mostly because it's been sort of up and down. For a while I had almost nothing to report, my skin has been clearing up pretty steadily, but now it is the week before mother nature's unwelcome gift, so my skin has been acting up more. I've been trying to eat really healthy and stick to my routine really strictly, but it really frustrates me how no matter what I seem to try, I still get mild acne, and some inflamed
  10. I know when I first got my braces, I ate a lot of cold, soft things because my mouth hurt like heck, probably ice cream and other sugary stuff...and that's bound to give you acne. Check out your diet!
  11. 25-50 mg is all that you should be taking, according to Dan anyways.
  12. Guys, you need to be careful with zinc pills, and the amount that you take...taking too much could land you in the hospital.
  13. Hey all! I don't know about you guys, but I had a lovely three day weekend, for not only did Martin Luther King become the driving force behind the civil rights movement--He also, very deservedly, had a day set aside in his honor, on which my college campus was completely closed. I know, two weeks into the semester isn't a very long time, but trust me, I needed the break. Now....*drumroll* the skin update!! Now last week was the week before mother nature decided to beat up my uterus, so I wa
  14. aurielle357

    easy cheap natural didn't cleanse well enough for me didn't get rid of oil my skin broke out I tried the water only method a few months ago when my acne was quite severe, and I can't say it did anything positive for me...of course, I didn't try it for very long, so maybe people who experiment with it for a couple of months would have better results, but so far the only thing that seems to clear my skin consistently is velocity and epiduo...I wish the more natural methods wou
  15. aurielle357

    Why I Have Acne.

    I am so glad to find you have such a positive attitude about your acne and conquering it...you'll get there, an having that mindset is half the battle!