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  1. Sorry, homeopathy has been studied to death and so far nobody's shown it to work one bit in properly controlled scientific experiments. What you're experiencing is the placebo effect. Or it's some other change in your life which is helping you, if not the placebo effect. By the way, you might want to decrease the Vitamin A. If it's actually vitamin A and not Beta Carotene, then you can cause liver damage over time by taking too much Vitamin A. Best to stick to 100% USRDA or less of Vita
  2. Actually, I knew the research was out there, and if you did the research like I asked you to, you might have located several credible research results indicating that we can not rule out visible spectrum light as a cause for cancer. In fact, this one researcher believes that UVA plus visible spectrum light cause 90% of all melanoma skin cancers in humans: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...t_uids=10537007 Mind you, there are lots more studies on other types of animals indicatin
  3. You have to understand, homeopathy is absolutely a scam. What they do is take some sort of ingredient (usually an herbal extract) and then they add water. Then they mix it and throw out half of it. Then they add water to the remaining 50% and mix it. Then they throw out half of that. And they add water again and mix it. Etc. This goes on until there is ideally no remaining molecules of the herbal extract. In other words, it contains just water. Then they look at you with a straight fa
  4. Two off the top of my head: http://www.demodexsolutions.com (Zhong Zhou product) http://www.acne-ltd.com (Acne Ltd III product) Steve Austin, Texas USA
  5. Keep in mind the demodexsolutions.com products are fairly cheap during the maintenance phase where you're only using the Zhong Zhou product once every 2-3 days. So the price of the treatment comes down over time. Still, probably facedoctor would still be cheaper. That is, provided facedoctor's seabuckthorn oil soap actually works, and I have my doubts that it would be as effective as the demodexsolutions products. Hopefully more people will try facedoctor and report their results. I'm es
  6. Yeah, they occur naturally. You probably picked them up as a baby from someone else you rubbed up against. And this would happen probably during the first 10 seconds in the world. They're everywhere. Then they multiply the way that bacteria do, exponentially, and in the presence of a food source (in this case, your oil). It'd be nice to be able to simply wave a magic wand and poof all p.acnes bacteria everywhere on earth would disappear. Then there'd be no more acne ever. Er, well,
  7. Oh I see. Okay, well "p.acnes" is the name of the bacteria that causes "acne". The name "acne" derives itself from the name of this bacteria. But there are several kinds of acne. The most common kind is a mild to moderate kind forming red bumps with white pustules at the surface. The most severe kind forms cysts. Again, all are due to the p.acnes bacteria. It's just that cystic acne doesn't form whiteheads. Instead, the pore becomes completely blocked and sealed. The cyst then forms u
  8. I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. What is "c"? Steve Austin, Texas USA
  9. I'm clear on the program at http://www.demodexsolutions.com ... Better than anything else I've ever tried. Been clear now over a year. I also liked Carley's acne cleanser ( http://www.no-acne.com ). But the Demodex Solutions products worked better. Steve Austin, Texas USA