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  1. Yes, I do have a girlfriend (soon to be wife, using the word soon loosely) and she means everything to me.
  2. I have the love of my life, she doesn't care about my acne, I don't need more friends, I'm confident that money won't be a problem for me nor job, so the real choice would either be "Never get sick again" or "Other" depending on how far I could stretch never get sick again. Can "Never be sick again" be stretched to mean my wife, children, and I will never be sick again and live nice long lives? If thats a big stretch then I'll vote Other and make that wish mine.
  3. You can argue that everything has positive and negative effects when you look at the big picture. For example, you can be hit by a car and go into the emergency room, have a leg amputated... sounds really bad right? Now what if you met the love of your life in that hospital? There are things like this that happen all the time, not always to the same extent, but every choice we make and external event around us will affect everything eventually, in both good and bad ways. Nothing is black a