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  1. They're about up to par with each other, there are pros and cons to both but to be honest you can flip a coin.
  2. To be honest the regimen does not work for a lot of people, its hard to get an unbiased opinion on here considering the bandwagon but I'd be the first to tell you otherwise. I'm sure Dan is living very nicely off the months on end of treatment recommended.
  3. The regimen does not work for everybody, no offense but I get sick of those that discount the experience of others while preaching the regimen to the point it just gets redundant. Not everyone's skin reacts to chemicals the same way, we will not all have success with the program and I also have not had much luck with it in the long run and sadly this is often ignored by many in the community. What works for some does not work for all. I personally prefer Purpose over Cetaphil, Dan's wash
  4. I have always thought the same amount of dans BP has the same effectivness as a higher concentration such as 5% Dan's is 2.5 percent, that means part of the treatment is 2.5% BP while the other portion is just inactive ingredients and such. Taking that into consideration, explains the multiple pumps recommended to use to make up for the lack of active ingredient. So while you're using the generous amounts of the treatment, primarily you're putting on less active ingredient and more inactive ing
  5. You do realize that with the amount of treatment Dan recommends using equates to nearly just as much as just a dab/minuscule amount of a higher concentration of BP but also throws on even more inactive ingredients to your skin as well?
  6. I've went with Proactiv BP to Dan's BP back to Proactiv. Not much difference whatsoever, in my opnion. I also kinda did like the creaminess and moisturizing qualities blended into the Proactiv BP more. They stress this pharmaceutical quality BS but Proactiv is up to par. Not a fan of either to be honest, but they also try to sell you on the Proactiv fragrance being so horrible but the Dan's BP doesn't really smell much more pleasant and has just as much of a odor, if not smells worst.
  7. Because I really don't feel like getting into it because its been so long but I will admit I feel its worth my while that others take this into consideration before falling under the impression that this product is substantially better then any other system on the market.I used it for many months as directed with little improvement. There is nothing special about the regimen, its just the active ingredient BP when it comes down to it, they don't call it the active ingredient for no reason...that
  8. Over the last few years I've been dealing with mild acne issues, it could get pretty bad at sometimes but its pretty consistent. I tried other products such as the basic over the counter products, Proactiv, and Skin ID and a few antibiotics and benzaclin. I ran into this site and product by chance, originally I was pretty stoked on the idea of it. I just don't believe the hype and the cult following, there is no one size fits all as this leads you to believe. Me personally it didn't work much