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  1. UPDATE!!!!! So i have stopped using the god forskaen gel Isotrexin and Boy oh Boy has it made me a happy Girl. BEST DECSION OF MY LIFE! When i first stopped stopped using the gel. the horrible flare up i had on my face had decreased. My face was no longer sore and swallon. I decided to steam my face, exfoliate with an electric tooth brush, wash my face with tea tree Soap and a French Soap my mum gave me. I also used a Manuka Honey mask once a week and took Clear complexion tablets and vitiminc
  2. Hyperpigmentation and horrible acne scars will gradually improve on its own. However if you want to kick start the process, as many of us do, you can use lightning/Fading creams which when using riligously improves the appreance of scars and pigmentaion very well. Exfoliating also helps and Speeds up the process with fading scars as you are removing the build up of dead Skin that is left on the Skin- hence the microderbrasion giving a brighter appreance to the face. Exfoliating also breaks dow
  3. Thanks sooo much Splashberri for your response. In my case, my face went from something that was literally very mild to something that has disfigured my face and has left me with a lot of hyper pigmentation and discoloration. I am a black girl and usually when i get spots they rarely leave a mark but now literally any bump i get leaves me with a horrible scar. Its looks like i have been burnt. The skin where i have put the gel is a little on the oily side. But the area has become super sens
  4. Completley depressed!!

    1. Hello Everyone, I am new to acne.org. I took a tour of the site and most people if not everyone seems soo helpful and knowledgeable in regards to acne and all the issues that come with it! I am a young woman in my early 20s and i have never had acne problems untill 5months ago. The spots/bumps are mostly congested around my chin, lower cheek and jaw line area. They are tiny bumps and if i squeeze them a white substance comes out. I went to the harley medical group and London dermertologis