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  1. hi! ive tried just one cc cream which was by olay. it was OK but didnt really give me the skin ( or the coverage) that i wanted. Since then I started using BB creams. I think overall, BB creams are more beneficial for the skin. It's anti aging, moisturizing, tone correcting, pore minimizing, and provides a good amount of coverage. Right now i am alternating between Missha perfect cover BB cream spf 42 ( i love how this looks on my skin, but it transfers) and tarte BB Primer ( can be used alone,
  2. that makes sense. I was also looking up studies on the BP + trretinoin combo, and studies show that the tretinoin molecules stayed intact for a good 7 hours. meaning, the BP did not degrade/negate it as common belief would suggest. Can you share the ratio of BP to tretinoin that you use? and what % strength of each? thanks!
  3. Cetaphil caused me whiteheads so if you're still breaking out with it i suggest you try dan's cleanser and moisturizer. also, if you have been picking on your skin please stop. It has always been my problem too but it does more harm than good. As for SPF you can try using additional spf in the morning. I mix olay complete for sensitive skin with my acne.org moisturizer.
  4. Hi! I came across an article http://www.shape.com/lifestyle/beauty-style/7-bad-beauty-habits-you-need-break?page=2 Washing Your Face In The Morning Using harsh cleansers and scrubs in the a.m. can do more harm than good, stripping your skin of essential oils before you even start your day, Dr. Lamba says. “A good skincare regimen means cleansing your face only at night because while you sleep, your skin regenerates, reestablishes its pH, and increases collagen production,” she adds. S
  5. someone please enlighten me, i know Jojoba oil helps with dryness and flakiness and all that. But I noticed that im flakier when I add jojoba oil to my acne. org moisturizer, and i feel like the mix is just sitting on top of my skin, not really absorbing it. when i stopped adding jojoba oil my flakiness stopped too. I figured maybe my skin finally adjusted to the BP thats why im not as dry and horrendously flaky. Not to put my jojoba oil to waste, I added it to my body lotion instead. a couple o
  6. try watching that video posted by jennriver. she posted it yesterday. basically it tells you how to even out your skin tone without the use of foundation. all you need is a dot ( or two) of your concealer ( should match your skin tone) and about 4-5x as much of moisturizer ( so 1 dot concealer + 4 to 5 dots moisturizer) blend that and you've pretty much made your own tinted moisturizer. it is explained more thouroughly in the video. im actually gonna try it tomorrow http://www.acne.org/messa
  7. try tarte's new bb primer. i like how it's water proof and smudgeproof and has "skinvigorating" ingredients. you can actually use it alone if you want sheer coverage. I went to sephora yesterday and the lady gave me a sample. ive used it twice and i still have enough to last me maybe 2 more days. a little goes a long way! it hasn't broken me out either, in fact, it helped dry up whats left of my pimples . I'm gonna purchase a full sized one when my sample runs out.
  8. thanks for sharing this! i am also on the hunt for a good face base ( not necessarily foundation) to make my skin look more flawless and moisturized ( flakiness sucks). im currently using tarte's new bb primer. the coverage is sheer and it is waterproof and smudgeproof! does leave my chin a tad bit flaky but the flakes are so tiny you can only see it up close. it easily washes off with dan's cleanser too. I will try this method tomorrow with my maracuja creaseless concealer and dan's moisturizer
  9. yes i agree. i got clear after 4 weeks but i got cocky so i tried the layer of jojoba oil before BP because i was so annoyed with the stinging and flakiness aaanddd... i broke out again. so i stopped that and just did the wash-bp-moisture regimen as directed. my pimples from that breakout are drying up now, and im not as flaky as i used to be. i actually stopped using the jojoba oil except on my laugh lines, lips, and that area bet. my nose and upper lip. i also stopped "exfoliating" my skin by
  10. I agree when you say its about the BP dose. I have been on the regimen for about 6 weeks, i got consistently clear about a week so i thought i could reduce my BP dose. i was proven wrong by 5 pimples on my forehead, 2 on my chin, and one on the side of my cheek about a day after i lowered my dose. bumped it back up and im clear again! skin still a bit dry but im not as flaky anymore yay! on that note, i am waiting for my next shipment, and this time i added AHA. how do you guys suggest I start
  11. i have also been on the regimen for about 5-6 weeks. my skin has cleared up significantly but im still struggling with the flakiness. just stick to the regimen and follow the steps precisely ( i noticed that when I don't follow, i break out). and moisturize as often as needed. I carry dan's moisturizer in my purse now, in case i get flaky when im not home. I also learned a littile trick in one of the threads here ( forgot which one). after washing, apply some jojoba oil all over your face before
  12. i havent had any breakouts lately, until i went on a snowboarding trip a few days ago. now my 1 pimple on my forehead became about 7 pimples, and 3 on my chin. I was thinking maybe it's because of my beanie and mask that i used while snowboarding. So yeah i do think headwear ( hats, caps, beanies etc) can cause forehead pimples. so make sure your caps/hats/ beanies etc are clean before you wear them.
  13. yes please if you could make the auto ship kits CUSTOMIZABLE (as in acne.org users can actually choose which items to purchase and still be qualified for the $5 shipping rate). Maybe a good option would be: For someone to qualify for a customizable auto ship kit, your first order must be the complete set ( cleanser, treatment, moisturizer) and your following orders can be customized to suit your current regimen needs. I personally am having trouble figuring out which kit to order now as I do
  14. I believe that what makes it different is that the ingredients are high quality and safe for your skin if used properly. Also, the combination of the products in the regimen compliment each other. Like the cleanser is gentle enough to not hurt your face when you're in the initial stages of BP ( I believe products like cetaphil cleanser for all skin types are good too but I personally like sudsy cleansers and dan's cleanser is perfect IMO). The moisturizer has skin calming properties as well. The
  15. based on my experience with BP. those are normal skin reactions. i too experienced slight burning, dryness, flakiness, and a red skin tone ( its winter and I look like i just came from the beach!) i am still experiencing these reactions but its not as bad as it used to be ( 4 weeks in). so long as your using the right amount at the right frequency you should be fine. BUT if you find it very uncomfortable and painful, maybe you should let your skin rest for a day or so. and dont forget to moistur