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  1. no dude it's look cool, you doesnt need to worry cause sometimes what we are thinking , isn't same with other people, i mean for example me, for me my skin look so worse, but people say i'm skin look ok only big pore that it
  2. my acne scars look like yours, and also with big pores. until know people always saying i have flawless skin, maybe because my skin tone is pale, that help me too make my skin look smooth, but actually i'm still in remedies, to make my skin better, and one more thing for my advise do not using pore strips because for me, make my pores getting bigger
  3. likecake

    my first album

    this is my face now, after do several time dermaroller and one fractional c02 laser, and i didnt see any improvement.
  4. yeah sometimes i do it, sometimes i fell so ugly when i see my self in mirror, if that happen i always cancel it specially when want meet a lot of people
  5. is not safe, i think, since hydroquinone contains a chemical ingredients
  6. i had 30 session of dermarolling, 10 session profesional tca peel, 1 session of fraxel repair (i perform in singapore and expensive it cost 2500 usd) 2 times co2 fractional, but all of that treatment doesnt have good result, and not working in my icepick scar. btw can u upload ur pic, i just wanna know how bout ur skin now (sorry if i'm rude), but the scar on my face will never away, until there's a magical treatment in the medical science. but u right we should. btw scar is suck
  7. omg moddy im stay in indonesia too, but im peruvarian and chines, yeah scar just isolated me from being my self, honestly i like outdoor activity , and every time i look my self in the mirror, i feel so sad and just wanna cry, sometimes i just think better if im die then life like this, im not confident if someone talk face to face, if im taking with someone i never look at her / his face. and i think i will be alone forever. i still remeber the most embarrssing moment on my life, when i went in
  8. first i would like to say welcome to acne forum org, secondly i wanted to say, i have same problem like you, i had horibble acne scar u can look at my galery, i already do a lot of treatment to improve my scarring but i didnt have great result at all, last time i try tca cross with really bad result,my icepick become wider ( thanks God the doctor perform only one of my scar i cant imagine if he do it to all of my ice pick scar) yeah i hate going outside just stay in home all day, i never feel c
  9. sometimes i hate people too, especially when their look on my face, oh i feel their just look for my horibble skin
  10. wow amazing improvement, keep roll ur face.
  11. honesly you can get cortisone ijenction for fast result, is safe and cheap, after that you can do other regimen, like ppl said before
  12. you can try mineral make up is good for acne prone skin, and if u want to look natural after make up, just use foundation same color as you, and this is about techique, if you doesnt want look cakey, you can watch you tube how bout make up techique, or you can go to make up artist and ask for help