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  1. this one is coming from India, i believe.
  2. ahahah i've been told about it lol! yes, the pimples came back after 7 months. just tiny bumps, but i don't want it to get worse, so i'll be back on the candies in a week's time (i hope).
  3. ssssh hey my birthday's coming up charlie! maybe you wanna send a birthday card heehee.
  4. alright, so i did a 20% SA peel a few days ago, coz i noticed little bumps on the corner of my mouth and some more on the skin near my ears. now the bumps spread to my cheeks, and i'm freaked out and i don't the same thing to happen again. last year was terrible with the breakup with an asshole ex-bf. i'm still fairly clearskinned but my scalp and face is getting itchy, and i feel like the acne is going to haunt my life again. at least i know now what works for me, and will not spend money o
  5. hey charlie. damn i haven't posted since October. i have small bumps i'm worried. haven't been taking tane.
  6. meh. i neglected my log for so long.
  7. hey michelle, sorry for not dropping by often. hope everything's alright.
  8. i have some lil bumps here and there. *worried* lack of sleep.
  9. I hope somebody nice would send tane to you claude.
  10. oh no! not a cyst pls!!!!!!! i haven't been taking tane regularly. i should. i really should.