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  1. OMG YES! I am exactly AT THE SAME SITUATION! Same ages, same decisions. I did the first course when I was 19, I didn't take the last box of pills since the derm told me it was enough, then after two years they came back again but just a little bit. Then I took 4 months more at 40mg, which would me a little bit more than half a cycle for me, aaaand, here I am again! I stayed super clear for almost 2 years and a half but in June I broke out like crazy, even acne that I never had. I'm going to t
  2. Great! Thank you for this post! I just signed up to tell you that I'm def gonna try Saw Palmetto and tell you about my results Are you a girl? I suspect my acne is hormonal too, but my derm is always saying that if my periods are regular it's not hormonal acne...but it's on my chain/jawline and clearly hormonal type so I'll try this!