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  1. DAY 67 So I stopped updating because my skin was staying pretty much the same through out. I am now using Claravis for my 3rd month. I think the pharmacy was just out of Absorica so they gave it to me. Have had no problems with it. Things are going pretty well. I'm staritng to get excessive dryness on my lips now though, which has been annoying but altogether fine. My breakout didn't last long and I've only had 1 zit since then. My skin does seem to be getting less dry though, in term
  2. DAY 35 Ugh. I'm breaking out. Not a lot, but enough to where it's annoying at this point. I thought that part was over! Skin is also seeming less dry? Not that my skin is anywhere near as bad as it was (oily/acne wise) but it's not the same matte feeling at the end of the day. Is this normal at this stage of accutane? I'm wondering if I should ask for a higher dose next month....maybe go up to 80mg? I don't know. Feeling a little dejected.
  3. Hopefully you both have had better luck than me lately with the IB (it decided to present itself on the left side of my face the other day). DAY 33 I ended up disregarding my own advice and getting my blackheads out of my nose (last time, i swear!) I did not repeat the mistake of using hot water, just clean hands. It's weird to look at my blackhead-free nose now. I love it. Up until yesterday my skin was amazing. I've been moisturizing with a light aloe spf 15 during the day and then pilin
  4. DAY 26 Soooooo stupid! It seems like accutane has pushed all my blackheads to the surface on my nose so I thought I might be able to push them out a little. I used a hot wash cloth to try and push them out and my skin PEELED OFF. I will never underestimate this stuff again. I've been putting neosporin on it since then and it seems to be helping. I've been very lucky going from antibiotics to accutane because I've had no flare ups or bad IB, so perhaps I did not count on the strength of t
  5. DAY 25 Had my appointment, blood tests came back fine. I am still blown away with how amazing this treatment has been. After years of seemingly endless (and fruitless) tries to make this persistent acne disappear, Accutane seems to be the answer. I understand the concerns (none of which, besides dryness, have been very noticeable for me) and I feel better prepared to handle this medication after having been through other antiobiotics. I'm sorry it took me so long to get to this point and
  6. DAY 21 Sooo this stuff is amazing. Around Days 16-17 my face was very congested. But by day 18-20 it began to settle and the redness went down. I have gone full 8 hour days without touching up, not once, and my makeup has stayed put. No oil slick, no shiny tzone, nothing. It has never been that way, EVER. I am so thrilled. No bad IB either (or is that coming?) Hopefully this keeps up
  7. Thanks jkoz, good luck to you as well DAY 15 MERRY CHRISTMAS! My face is DRY! Yayyyyyy(kinda). Experiencing a sort of oily/dry stage. I tried to see if I could get any sebum out of my nose (gross, I know) but nothing came out. Good sign? Starting to experience some joint pain though. And headaches. Nothing too bad though. Sunburn looking skin seems to be calming down some.
  8. DAY 12 My face is VERY red. On my cheeks and chin. It looks like I have a sun burn (I don't.) Skin is getting dryer, lips too. No cracking or peeling though, which is nice. Getting a couple of new pimples: on my nose, forehead, and the one on my cheek got bigger. Also my chin feels bumpy underneath, like zits are just waiting to bubble to the surface. Good and bad I guess. Must mean it's working. I really hope this redness doesn't last long. It's making my skin hurt. Been trying to
  9. Day 10 Definitely noticing a difference today. I have to touch up makeup every hour or so (the oily skin is that bad) and today I noticed less time dealing with it. I'm a little nervous, however, that I'm entering a stage where I will be both oily and dry....not liking that idea. New zit on my cheek, but it's not that noticeable. Dry patch on my cheek is still there but manageable. I saw an under eye wrinkle beginning last night. Perhaps I will use a good under eye cream during this proc
  10. DAY 9 It's happening! My lips have gotten dryer. There is a dry patch on my lower cheek.. I was a little less shiny by the end of the day. I think I'm having an IB but in weird places. Two zits on my chest, one on my arm? Hm. But I'm happy! I think it's working! DIET breakfast - oatmeal lunch - veggie burger dinner - noodles in black bean sauce
  11. Thanks for the input, I think I'm going to try and go every other day with the exercising and see how that goes. And no longer than 30 min at a time. My legs are burning something fierce today after last night's workout. DAY 7 Lips felt dryer today, but skin was still oily. I feel like I have a lot of under the skin pimples (not cysts) just waiting to come out. My face feels slightly bumpy in places, but it's not pushing through. I'm hoping it stays put :/ No active pimples on my face at th
  12. DAY 6 My lips are getting dryer! Yay! Skin has not broken out (so far) and is not dry yet. Still quite oily actually. Trying to be patient! I've also begun eating healthier. I'm trying to lose 5 pounds so I'm switching from my usual 1500 calorie diet to a 1200 calorie diet and exercising more. I hardly exercise as it is so I'm hoping this will make a difference. Also need to drink more water. DIET (1200 calories) breakfast- an orange and tea lunch - salad with italian dressing,
  13. Thanks JDW. Good to know people are going through something similar. I know that the oily skin thing is probably not going to be fixed permanently, but I've read a lot about it being much better after going through a course of accutane. Hoping my case is like that. DAY 5 Still nothing. Skin is very oily, no dryness. My lips feel like they are starting to get dry and my chest has been itchy (not sure if that's related actually). No new breakouts or anything (luckily). Still a lot of
  14. My name is Anne and I'm 24, been dealing with acne since I was 12. I've tried a lot over the years, tetracycline, minocycline, birth control, bactrim. Bactrim is the only thing that has kept my face cyst free, but I've been on it 4 times, with acne always returning when I've gone off it. I finally got my doctor to prescribe me Accutane to try and cure this more permanently. It's actually a new generic version called Absorica. The key difference seems to be that it can be taken without food