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  1. I will keep this simple, anyone who wants more info please let me know. Context: I suffered with mild-moderate acne from my teens until my mid-30s trying every "cure" under the sun and the only thing that cleared my skin was Roacctune...and that was only temporary every time. So fast forward to my mid-thirties and what works for me now as a daily ritual is visualisation and embodiment of clear skin. YES IT IS THAT SIMPLE!! I use a regular face wash & moisturiser...no medicatio
  2. Cwr24....any update on your Absorica experience? How's things now? Thnx
  3. definitely be keen to hear from anyone who has finished a course of Absorica and not relapsed after having relapsed on normal Accutane.... best of luck with it buddy!
  4. Ah okay. Good stuff. So far you getting the same experience as before? I'm guessing this means your dermatologist also thinks that there may be more longevity to the Absorica? Cheers.
  5. Does anyone have any idea when Absorica will be available for prescription in the UK? My dermatologist mentioned it to me as an option that may be worth looking at since I relapsed after each of several courses of roaccutane. This may have been due to poor absorption in my body so definitely worth considering this new medication. Thanks.
  6. hey dude, how long after starting propecia did you notice any changes in your skin condition...acne & oil production? thnx.