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  1. Around the 3rd week I vaguely remember getting a few pimples, but it wasn't anything outrageous, and it went away pretty quickly. I wouldn't even call it an initial breakout because it was rather harmless. I responded extremely well to low-dose accutane, I got 95% clear within 6 weeks. Most people who are scared to try accutane seem to fear the initial breakout, but you can't let that stop you. Chances are you still get occasional breakouts anyways if you need/want accutane, so why not take som
  2. Thanks everyone this is Interesting. Dr. Weil has some good advice I will follow. I will also cut out wheat and see what happens. Are other cereal grains, such as rice, ok to eat?
  3. Thanks I will try this. But there isn't a way internally that could possibly stop non-inflammatory acne from forming? My sleep is fairly normal and I do have some stress. I used to exercise frequently, but it had no effect on my acne and I always washed my face after. I drink but do not smoke. I definitely consume a lot of water but I could certainly eat veggies and fruit more often.
  4. This is interesting. I did a web search of all of these, yet I do not seem to have any of the associated symptoms. This may be a vague statement, but overall I feel pretty healthy. Is there some kind of test I can take which will reveal disorders like these and others? Also, I did forget to mention that I do not consume much dairy at all. I have noticed that I eat many grains (usually whole grain) such as pita, rice, bread, and pasta. Would elimination of grains or gluten help my skin?
  5. Hi, I have struggled with acne since my teenage years. I am now 20 (male) and still experiencing breakouts. During puberty I fought with inflammatory acne, now I am dealing almost entirely with non-inflammatory acne and oily skin. Here's the breakdown: Cheeks: pretty much acne free Forehead: blackheads and small flesh colored bumps Nose: many blackheads Chin: blackheads, whiteheads, and the very rare inflammatory lesion. Retin-A Micro controls the blackheads on my forehead and chin, howev
  6. Hello, Is there a general consensus about certain food groups leading to oily skin? I have read many posts concerning this (for example: http://www.acne.org/...n-through-diet/) but it's all rather confusing and contradictory at times to me.