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  1. afwestberry

    Contacts & Accutane?

    I've been taking almost a week now, and my contacts are fine! I have heard that it may take awhile for the real dryness to kick in, though. Only my lips are a tad dry so far! I think it also has something to do with the dosage you're taking. Good luck with Accutane
  2. afwestberry


    Thank you so much!! I'm not sure how he's planning on doing it, but he didn't mention ramping up the dosage! I'll keep that in mind though! And very excited to hear about the white head things, lol! They're SO annoying! Hope Accutane is treating you well It seems like I've read that somewhere, too- but my pharmacist put a label on my prescription saying take on an empty stomach! Hope it wasn't a mistake.
  3. afwestberry


    Dun da da duuun! Popped my first Claravis pill tonight!! (I've been calling it Clavaris, lol OOPS!) I'm in pretty high hopes now! Lately, all I've been able to think about is my acne and the scars its left behind. No, really. Its hard for me to even focus on my schoolwork. Ridiculous, I know But, now its just an uphill battle, hopefully! So excited! I'm gonna post every ten days, since for some reason they give out Claravis in ten day packets. I got three, so here's to my first 30 days!!
  4. Popped my first pill tonight!! Yay! :)

    1. Hi all! So, I've been on birth control for a month & I start taking Clavaris 20 mg. tomorrow. The birth control has actually cleared my skin up a lot, all I'm left with now is a cyst on both my cheek bones (the exact same spot on both sides of my face, so crazy) and a few small pimples around my chin & forehead. Sounds fine and dandy, right? Accutane should clear me right up- but my biggest issue with my skin now is my scars. I have countless hyper pigmentation marks left behind which
    2. As far as moisturizers go, my dermatologist recommended I use Cetaphil for dry, sensitive skin. I picked it up for $12 at my local Wal Mart, and although I haven't started Accutane yet (my journey begins tomorrow) my skin is very dry naturally & it works awesome! Good luck with Accutane!!
    3. afwestberry

      So Frustrated!

      Hi everybody! So, I've finished my month of birth control. Yay! But.. no accutane yet. I got all my blood work done, the pregnancy test, etc. (which really sucked bc I've had a kidney infection & I've been stuck with all kinds of needles the past week ) and my derm cleared me on iPledge Friday. So, I got my prescription and iPledge ID card, all excited and what not only to go to the nearest CVS to find that they don't have Clavaris 20 mg in stock. So, I call around and NOBODY has it in stoc
    4. Hi guys! I recently got prescribed to Accutane (2 weeks into the pre-accutane birth control month now), and I've been wondering about something... I know that Accutane always causes your skin to become super dry, and your lips also. Well, I ALREADY have dry skin and I'm wondering exactly how it will affect me. My dermatologist said that it will simply get drier just like someone who had oily skin on Accutane would. But I want to hear from actual people who have taken Accutane and have natural
    5. Thank you! He prescribed me 20 mg. Two weeks into the BC now, only two more until my journey begins! I'm going to be sure to keep my progress updated on my blog.
    6. afwestberry

      Not Much Of An Update But...

      Nope.. I'd never been to a dermatologist before because regular acne washes (ProActiv, Murad, etc.) had always kept my acne pretty much under control. It wasn't until a few months ago it got bad enough for me to want to go and he prescribed me right away!
    7. afwestberry

      Not Much Of An Update But...

      I was the same way!! I hope your journey with Accutane is a positive one! Keep your head up, that's what I'm trying to do and still have three weeks until I can start. oh, and as an update on this post... we ARE going skiing. BLAH. But I am a little excited to hit the slopes! My iPledge information came in the mail today as well as my lab result papers I am going to have to get filled out when I get my blood work done. Now its just a waiting game!
    8. afwestberry

      Not Much Of An Update But...

      I've been soooo busy, but I told myself I'd always make time to track my progress (even though technically there isn't any lol...). SO! I went to the dermatologist last Tuesday, he said he felt I was a good candidate for Accutane. So, I've been taking birth control for a week now... just three more weeks until my journey officially begins!! I am so excited (I even broke out in happy tears)- even though I know it could be awhile before I start seeing any results. But I'm VERY hopeful!!! I'm goi
    9. Went to the derm yesterday! It was my first visit so I was nervous.. I hear all these stories about how some will just walk in, give you a prescription and be done with you. Not this guy! He was very nice and really seemed like he wanted to help. He laid out all my options, Accutane included and recommended. So of course, I agreed! Now I'm just waiting on this month to go by so I can actually start taking!! I know there's the IB stage and it takes time to kick in, but my derm seemed so confi
    10. Well guys.. Went to the derm & got prescribed Accutane! Sucks being a girl though bc now I have to wait a month to take it!! Lol. I'm very excited to see my results!! My derm said he was very confident about my situation!! :)

      1. afwestberry

        IMG 1110

        Spotthedifference- thank you! Make up helps a lot lol! But BP only seems to dry my already-dry skin out, which I could put up with if it seemed to make a difference but this is actually how my face started looking while on the BP regimen! suarglide- I actually did get prescribed to it yesterday and start taking in a month!