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  1. JWaltersRN

    Amazing product!

    Amazing product!

    I started on Spiro at 50 mg a day 3 months ago. After 2 months we upped the dose to 100mg/day and added Yaz. After 6 years of relentless, scarring, hideous, cystic acne I have been totally cyst free for nearly 3 weeks. The increase in dose and addition of Yaz was the breakthrough I needed to finally cure my acne! I have had a total of 3 tiny pimples, gone in under 48 hours since upping the dose and I cannot be happier!
  2. Update: I'm still taking the Spiro at bedtime, but upped the dosage to 100mg, and added in Yasmin as I keep having recurrent cysts on my ovaries that need to stop. In the morning I use the Clindagel, and at night the Retinol. No real side effects- doing fine so far. No Cysts- haven't had any in a couple months YAY!! Some pustules that pop up, hang for a bit and then scab over... maybe 4 on my whole face. 2 by my mouth, one on my jaw, and one on my temple, and this weird spot that looks
  3. I hope the doc helped you with what you needed. I really like Spiro, as an adult in my 30's it has been a face-saver. Accutane doesn't work for us "older" ladies like it does for women in their teens/20s. From the research I did (also at my wits end) it helps while its being taken, but rebounds a few months after stopping and all those side effects and risks are for nothing. Also, because it's so drying, it ages skin faster- the last thing we need in our 30's and beyond! Its so frustrating d
  4. No BC, I take 50mg Spiro at night, and take "Steel Libido" supplements to help combat that particular side effect. Only been back on it a week, so no effect yet.
  5. 1 week: One week on the "new" prescriptions...sort of. I've been taking the Spiro for a week, and using the Retin A. There was a failure at my pharmacy, so I didn't get the clindagel until last night. In the meantime, I did a very light 20% TCA peel on Tuesday. Peeled like crazy yesterday, and today am down to flakes on my cheeks/jaw. My forehead is still tight and papery and hasn't started flaking yet. The new skin is so smooth and pretty! (Except where there are still cysts/acne) My derm r
  6. Sorry I haven't been here in a while. I moved to CA, and needed no medication or anything and my skin was PERFECT, then I was forced to come back to AZ and my skin took a dive in the garbage!Of course, since coming back, my old regimen isn't doing a darned thing, so I saw the derm today.I'm almost to the cut off age for BCP for acne purposes, so she won't let me take that. My literal last hope is Retin A, Clinda gel, and Spiro. The very first regimen I was ever on, that never worked, and did no
  7. Ive been using Ziana nightly for 8 weeks, and my skin texture is flawless. Now planning to up the retinoid to help with hyperpigmentation since breakouts have stopped. Going to use up this tube, and then increase, but I highly recommend. I feel like it has been the saving grace for my surface acne, since my oral medications take care of the deep stuff! Good luck to you!
  8. It turns out i do have an intolerance of the minocycline, but thankfully I can manage it with Claritin and benadryl cream as needed, so I can stay on the Mino (since it's working), until/unless the reaction gets worse. Skin continues to improve every day, if I get a spot (a few a week instead of a few per day), it up and dies within 24 hours and the "scab" barely lives half a day before its peeled off- never to return. Even better, no more new red marks with every blemish. Just continuing to
  9. Closing in on 5 weeks of treatment and I am very happy with the progress for my acne. I had 3 pimples pop up overnight Saturday, but the ruptured Sunday morning, and are gone by today (tuesday). The healing time on any spots is absolutely incredible! Of course, nothing comes without a price, and over the last couple of weeks I have developed a rash on my upper and center chest area. I thought it was dry skin, or heat rash, or whatever, but it's gotten very red, itchy, and over the weekend star
  10. Have you tried the 100mg Mino with probiotics?? I have had leaky gut for decades, but find that with my daily probiotic ($45 at Sprouts) I have no stomach issues at this dose.
  11. It depends on your type of acne. Superficial acne- whiteheads/blackheads and small pustules can usually be treated with topicals - BP, SA etc. Cystic acne- usually helped with antibiotics- i.e. Doxycycline Inflammatory Acne- antibiotics- Minocycline Hormonal Acne (if you are female)- Either Spironolactone or Birth control Pills All acne can and should be treated with oral and topical together- for example Minocycline/Doxycyline and Epiduo/Ziana/retin A etc... Go see your doctor, find ou
  12. If the solodyn- Epiduo combo worked before, go back on it. There is no permanent acne "Cure", just acne management. It's like taking insulin for diabetes, if your diabetes is controlled on insulin, of course it's not going to be controlled if you stop taking the insulin. Acne control medications are exactly the same concept. Go back on the regimen that worked, and take a good pro-biotic, and you should be on your way to clear again! Good luck!
  13. I have been having better success on Minocycline 100mg twice per day, because of the inflammatory nature of my acne. the Doxy 100mg twice a day is absolutely a "normal" dose, for a time, but then should be reduced for maintenance. Also, any time you take an antibiotic make sure you get a REALLY good probiotic- whole food/sprouts type stores have excellent ones that must be kept refrigerated, but are amazing for those of us who don't have Accutane as an option, and must control acne with antibio
  14. Yes, very normal. Retinol is chemically exfoliating and bringing up all the junk in your pores. It does cause itching/flaking/dryness, and (for me at least) extreme oiliness. I combat this with a very, very light application of coconut oil in the shower after washing, and it has made a world of difference in not only preventing the flakey nasties, itching, and reducing the oil drastically, but also has helped my retinol work better! Good luck!