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  1. I feel your pain. My situation is perhaps not as bad as yours but I too have numerous random scars on my face, some look like acne scars and some don't. I know for a fact that at least some of them appeared in the absence of any acne lesions or skin damage, literally overnight. I know this because ever since I developed acne scarring I monitor my skin closely everyday. I won't lie, it is devastating when I see a new scar but what can I do? I have seen a dermatologist and he said he couldn't
  2. It's because collagen re-modelling is bullshit. Dermapen, lasers, needling, none of that works, it's all marketing spin and pseudo science.
  3. Excision. The only treatment guaranteed to permanently remove acne scars.
  4. I know someone who had a large mole excised from her cheek. The mole was about the same size as a small bunch of acne scars. She now has a faint white line that looks a lot better than a bunch of pits. I'm going to ask a PS if he can do the same thing for a group of scars on my right cheek. Not all of them, just 3 or 4 that are close together. I'm hoping he can and that when he stitches the skin together it will pull the remaining scars tight and even them out. Excision is the only guaranteed wa
  5. Read between the lines. They ran the experiment, they didn't get the results they hoped for so they are running it again and that's why it is taking so long. I doubt that the hydrogel is going to be the miracle some people think it is.
  6. It will end when scarless healing is a reality, so maybe another 40 or 50 years. Either then or when we all get sick of waiting.
  7. Good observations, no mention of scarless healing in there, so it seems the product might be aimed more at treating wounds that are difficult to treat and slow to heal.
  8. Congrats, your skin looks great. Do you think any one treatment helped the most. How many silicone treatments did you get and can you microneedle after silicone?
  9. Latest update from FB re hydrogel. Who is this and how do they know what's going on with the trials, they've already been wrong on the completion date. "Have just been informed that animal trials are still underway and one being done just now seems to be going very well."
  10. The thing about those photos is they were taken immediately after treatment. As I understand it the benefits from silicone are supposed to accrue gradually as collagen grows around the microdroplets. If this is correct it suggests the improvement in the photos may to an extent be due to swelling and not the silicone. I would question her about this if I were you.
  11. Impressive alright. The doctor who treated him seems to be an acne scar specialist and has developed his own protocols around treating them. Has any one else used him? I do wonder how much of the improvement is due to the fillers though. I'd like to see this guy when the fillers wear off.
  12. Apparently mice don't scar. It's all explained in the article at the link below. Might this be the reason the hydrogel seemed so effective in the mice experiments? I don't want to sound too pessimistic but the researchers chose an animal that has an excellent healing response to skin injuries, which raises the question as to what extent the positive results they reported are attributable to the hydrogel and to what extent they are attributable to the healing ability of the mice? I'm not holding
  13. Omg, the amount of times we've talked about hydrogel you'd think you would be able to spell it correctly. Don't respond to Maldition, it reduces you to his level and there's no dignity in that. Remember, he wants you to respond so when you do you are encouraging him and giving him what he wants. These posts only serve to clutter up this thread and add no value to it. When I come here I want to read something worthwhile, not inane, childish bickering.
  14. I've been needling for over 6 months now and its done virtually nothing for me. All but one of my scars look the same or possibly even a little worse. One has filled in to a degree but I can tell from the state of it that it's filling with scar tissue and not normal collagen. I too am cautious of treatments that promise results over a long period of time. That seems to me to be to be a good way of justifying a treatment that does not work or does not work very well. So far as I can tell, all
  15. I've been told by someone whose been injecting for 10 years they only work well on deep scars, otherwise forget it. yeah that's what I have noticed as well. Even then the results and quickly fleeting. Many drs will try to sell this product so everyone beware! bc it is a waste of money and does not last. Some drs just want to turn a profit. I have some mild boxcar scarring and I saw no improvement at all. In fact I was left with a bump the size of a quarter that I had to massage for several mo