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  1. Thanks so much for everyone's helpful responses! Fiber is not something that I thought of so I will definitely keep that in mind as well.
  2. Thanks for the responses. For fats I eat a couple hand fulls of nuts a day, eggs a couple of times a week, flax seed in a daily green smoothie and I cook with extra virgin olive oil. The only high sugar fruit I have been eating is bananas but I usually have those in the smoothie (that has been part of the concern if I can combine something higher like that with the rest of the smoothie which is fairly low). I don't eat as much fruit as vegetables, and have been trying to avoid the vegetables
  3. For roughly around a week I have been attempting to start a lower Glycemic Index/load diet (along with eliminating most processed foods and most sugars/artificial sweeteners) in hopes that would aid in my acne healing, but I feel like I am struggling a bit. I am not so much struggling with will power, but really knowing what to eat. I have a fairly restricted diet as I am a non-dairy vegetarian and have a sunflower seed/oil allergy (you'd be surprised of all that it's in....it can be restr
  4. Interesting...I never think *why* I want clear skin, but more so that I don't want acne. I think the reason I want clear skin.....I don't want to hide anymore. I am sick of putting on 5 layers of makeup just to go to the grocery store for one thing. I want clear skin because I don't want to waste anymore of my energy on hiding or obsessively searching for a cure. I want clear skin so I can just be free to be who I am!
  5. How much soda are you drinking that it's that hard to give up? I gave up diet pepsi 2 years ago.....it sucked at first but I feel SO much better not drinking soda all the time (it even helped me lose 5 extra pounds just by cutting the stuff out of my life...and I was drinking DIET). I only really remember the hard part being the cravings, however, not headaches or being tired.
  6. I'd personally keep up with it for at least a month to see if there are any changes. A week might not be enough time for your body to adjust. I went off of dairy in September....didn't really help my acne really I noticed when I have consumed dairy my face feels more oily than normal....However, I've stayed off for other reasons but indulged on Christmas and New Years....that and the large amounts of sugar and my face is STILL paying the price. My face is starting to heal but it is not an ov
  7. Yeah i wish i could but i have no idea how to do that & i know for a fact that the work at home products are almost all scams. i keep getting those stupid fake money checks in the mail in exchange for a fee to get it sent. i fell like sending them one of those toys bills with the message "keep the change =)" LOL that would teach em! I don't fell the need to do that because my skin has slowly been improving by itself, i wont risk it getting worse because of a stupid mistake like trying on th
  8. I came on to look for this exact topic....mine is partially because I started a new sulfur spot treatment. I have used sulfur in the past but not this brand/% and my skin is already dry from the winter (though parts get oily ugh). I am not finding much luck at the moment. Even the OCM is not helping me. I am interested to know if anyone has any advice.
  9. I can relate. I tend to be a hermit because of my skin....BUT I am trying to break that. I think I have gotten to a point where I know I need to be content with who I am despite my acne. I know I have missed so much in life because of it and I don't want to continue to miss out. Even if people are staring, I think that my personality is greater than my acne and if they don't see that, perhaps they aren't people I want to be around. But, I am the same with the hyperpigmentation...it really i
  10. I have similar to this as well as acne so I'm interested to hear what others think it is. Mine is mainly forehead and have had for quite a while so I know it isn't a breakout happening for me (I very rarely get a zit on my forehead).
  11. I'm not 100% no sugar but I'm greatly reducing it. Its hard to avoid in some things like my coconut creamer but i'm avoiding it mostly everywhere else in my diet. I'm trying to also avoid Splenda.
  12. You should go to school. College isn't as bad as you'll think it is. Especially if you take night classes...it's usually older people and so they most likely won't care about your acne. I take both night and day and most people are friendly and could care less what you look like.
  13. I think even though I suffer from acne, that doesn't give me a biased opinion. I used to be overweight and WAS NOT attracted to overweight guys. I always found thinner guys to be more attractive and still do. I know what attractive is....and I don't think that acne (unless it is deforming) detracts from a guys appearance. Perhaps those things might be a deal breaker with some girls, but I think it depends on the girl. My tastes might be strange as I prefer asymmetrical things on a guy...like a c
  14. So when a girl meets a guy who's insecure she goes "Next!" but when she meets a guy who is "confident" she stays interested. And then when later the guy says "You know, I act confident and all but a lot of the time I'm actually quite insecure" she goes "That's ok!". It just seems like a contradiction? I think everyone is insecure in some respect...but the fact that you overcome your insecurity to behave as confident is much like overcoming fear. Most times when we overcome a fear, it's not
  15. That's awful! I have found many girls to be shallow about stupider things though....When I was in high school my friend didn't want to date a guy because "he talked with too much saliva in his mouth"...um..ok. I don't really believe in karma, but I have noticed many of the girls that think they are too good end up getting fat or looking a hot mess later in life anyway.