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  1. I was on Yasmin before, it worked quite well and I noticed I didn't break out as much. However, I work crazy hours so I had to stop with the Yasmin. I could never be consistent. I might have to consider using NuvaRing. *sigh I hope that doesn't make me break out.
  2. Q~ I work at Starbucks, lots of steam and I occassionally get splashed in the face while washing dishes. Would a mineral makeup be no good for me? I have an active job, I sweat and all that. I just wonder how long it can stay on and how well it stands up. Also, does it rub off easily? I'm sure my boyfriend hates it when I get makeup on him. =T
  3. I don't have one on my nose, but on my jaw line. It's just one, and it's been there for MONTHS. Yes, MONTHS. It just appeared, and never went away. It's shrunken down a lot from what it used to be, so I'm hoping it will go away. I've tried putting a glob of BP on it, it shrank, but never really went away. I'm not on Dan's regime, I actually use salicylic acid products instead of BP. And, the bumps I get that are similiar, but eventually go away, are all on my jawline. So don't think Dan is to
  4. i use it and love it. i use the concealer too. my only problem is that if i dont moisturize enough and put my loose powder over, my pores are really noticable and i look cakey. so yes, blending and lotion are key. when my skin is having a good day, it looks pretty flawless, or at least to a person with moderate acne. i only started to break out badly recently, and i don't blame the makeup because i've been using it for a while and so far its been treating my skin well.
  5. i use Revlon Color Stay in buff (i think). it matches my asian skin pretty well. its funny because most of my japanese magazines, the girls are using Revlong Color Stay. awesome. i used to try to use things like Estee Lauder, but the foundations are either orange or yellow on my skin. i'm hoping to find a mineral makeup though... everyone here seems to rave about it.
  6. Wow.. that looks absolutely great. I was thinking about trying Dermablend out.. But I have a question, does it rub off easily? I really hate foundations that just slide off your face.
  7. i was supposed to see my derm to get my new prescription of tane this past wednesday, but i'm sick as hell and couldn't go. not to mention i have the nastiest rash all over my feckin arms and i look diseased. my dad thinks i have the chicken pox... whaaat!? on the good note: my skin is pretty damn clear. i still got the little bumps and what not, but its doing pretty ok. but my lips are chapped beyond belief.
  8. no wonder ive been so unsuccessful in everything.. whereas my pretty older sister does nothing, and is so damn successful! great to know. if my sister and i get in a car accident, i know who will get help first.
  9. aquaphooooor! but its shiny, so if ur a guy, that not might be so good.. i
  10. i have a lot of scars. i had a lot of acne from 8th grade to sophomore year, which caused a lot of scarring. i had a couple of cysts and thats basically it. my skin was somewhat smooth pre-accutane, but the cysts caused the scarring so i started on the med. but i broke out like crazy up until now, and now i just get little bumps here and there. i may LOOK like a cutie, but i swear im not.
  11. somewhat clearing up. realized the amount of work that needs to be done after accutane. scars scars scars. still got the little pimples which are annoying me.. and red marks are redder now. daaaaamn... not going to friends prom. cant take off work. bah. i need a tan... but i burn so easily, i bet accutane is going to make me burn 3x as badly.
  12. ^ thanks a lot~ things are slightly getting better. no new breakouts and my skin isnt so disgusting anymore. *sigh* lets hope it stays that way! using heavy moisturizer helps me a lot.
  13. so brave.. i had to go downstairs without makeup to get my laundry... and i covered my face with my sweater and ran.. worse part, a neighbor saw me and was like... "what the hell..?" im hoping after tane and some facials i'll be able to go out without a single bit of makeup.
  14. i almost cried on various occasions. i dont like being in a room of people i dont know.. without someone i know. working, its better to concentrate because usually i can work alone. but it groups, no, i'll freak. i'll clam up and start breathing heavily. im a bit better now, in high school i had a breakdown and had to homeschool. mainly because people teased me so much about my acne and other things. i know i sound crazy, but hey, it happens.
  15. im thinkin about getting this too.. does it rub off easily though? i have a big fear of hugging someone and getting makeup on them.. =p
  16. my third month.. breakouts and blackheads like crazy. i'm sooo pissed. i tried to use BP, only to get super dry flaky skin. not cool.
  17. ewww... ok, before accutane, i didn't have all this crap. im hella freaking out because im breaking out more than i did before.. and in places i never broke out in before! i never knew what the "sandpaper effect" was until now! makeup just makes it look worse! it's gross! someone make it stopppp.... =*(
  18. how about this: my friend was complaining about her ONE SMALL pimple on the side of her nose... so i told her to shut up and not talk about that in front of me. she asks me, "Have u used proactive?" i say "Yea, but it didn't work.." and u know what she says to me? "What? Proactive didn't WORK for you?!" and i got REALLY embarrassed. i explained that proactive doesnt work for all types of acne and that I was taking accutane and she goes off with: "Why don't you just wash that shit?" and s
  19. I'm getting blackheads and pimples on my throat... Oh Ew... dammit! stupid blackheads and craP! go away go away go away~~~ my lips are so dry and red. i forgot aquaphor and so my lips suffered for 2 days. they look realli gross. dammit.. accutane! work! dammit! work!!!!
  20. Accutane f*cks with your liver... which is why is supposedly not good to drink. but a lot of tane users still drink anyways. i'm 5'4 and 120-115 lbs (haven't weighed myself in a while...) so its been a couple days on 60mg and im breaking out a lot. like little bumps. ARGH! annoying!!!!! i hate it i hate it i hate it....!!!
  21. No matter how much I moisturize, skin is getting flaky and dry. Ah damn. I look at other people's logs and their pictures.. They honestly don't have acne as bad as I do. Not to mention my load of terrible scars... I look like a cheetah. =*( Kind of makes me discouraged... People with less acne than me on higher doses. I've been getting blackheads on my NECK now. What the hell is that?! That's never happened before! Come on 60mg... Hurry up and do your stuff!!!
  22. ^ i love your signature. hahaha~~ i find myself drinking a lot of water now. my skin is dry and its annoying because my makeup gets all weird. baaaah~~~~ and my hands have been tearing so easily. =( lets see how 60mg will affect me... *SIGH~~*
  23. sorry~ didnt have internet for a while. i was looking into epilation. mMmm.... maybe. ill go find a good epilator. does that Veet crap work?? it seems fairly quick and easy. thanks for the replies!
  24. just got my 60mg accutane... it feels so dangerous taking three 20mg pills... like i'm going to dry up and die. hahaha~ im hoping i wont break out like crazy and that my skin won't become flaky and red. no far, i haven't had serious side effects. other than dry skin, dry lips, and dry eye, that's all ive had really. im just hoping 60 mg wont make me a zombie. =p