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    v's wed
  2. good observation. they are always agreeing with one another.
  3. aww leon. I honestly doubt she was laughing at you appearance though, I think you may just be conscious because of past experience. Maybe you were leaving a trail of newspapers behind you...or you'd just rode in dog shit or something....my guess is, if it was appearance related she would have just stared at you.
  4. you're not dumb. many people don't scratch and still get scars. :-k maybe you could cut your nails though.
  5. Good to hear animal. I would probably think about your method of delivery so she doesn't feel too uncomfortable and take your advice badly.
  6. she says "I don't want to hear it", yet she's the one that started the conversation? I'd be pretty pissed too. Either she didn't want to talk about it and make you feel any more uncomfortable, or she was just being a bitch who feels superior to you and doesn't believe you. Take your pick.
  7. try to see a doc and get some medication if you haven't done so yet....you'll feel better once you start seeing some sort of improvement.
  8. everyone has flaws of some sort. some are visible to the eye, some are not.* Edit: *Non appearance related.
  9. Can you please give me the link to that site?