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  1. Thanks for the support! I'm excited at the idea of a natural remedy for acne because it would be great if something like tea tree oil and vitamins could clear your skin (and keep it clear). I will try to get a picture up - I took one a while ago when my skin was fairly 'bad' so if I can find it I will for sure post it. I'll be updating regularly so I will for sure let you know how the 'guinea pig' experience is going! So far, so good!
  2. Hello! I've been on my natural skin care mission for about 4 days now, so I thought I'd share some of my impressions on how it's going so far! I suppose I can't review the vitamins so much right now as I think they take some time to get working in your system, but I have also begun taking Vitamin D3 which after looking online seemed to be another effective acne solution. So as it stands I'm taking the recommended dosage for Vitamin A, E & D3 - though I can't speak for effectiveness
  3. Hello Everyone! If anyone has been reading my blog thus far, you will know I have been on the regime (drugstore version) for about a month. I can honestly say that benzoyl peroxide is a very effective acne/blemish treatment - at a cost. The dryness, roughness and overall uneven skin texture is a trade off for fewer pimples and potentially clear skin. I found that my skin was so rough and uneven that it just didn't look great, even though I had fewer pimples and blemishes. Doing some research
  4. Hey Everyone, I wanted to do another update, as I've been doing this regime for four days now. I can tell that my skin is getting a bit dry, but not in a flakey way - more in an itchy way, with lots of very, very, tiny bumps. It's kind of like getting to be the texture of sandpaper, which is generally how my skin reacts to being dried out. I think this is a result of the BP treatment as I knew I was going to experience some drying so I guess I'll have to see if my skin gets used to it! On t
  5. Hey Everyone! I know it's only been one day since starting Dan's regime with drugstore products, but I wanted to give some of my 'first impressions' and let you know how it's going so far - in case anyone is looking to start it! Also looking for a good non-greasy moisturizer suggestion so please feel free to share any you have found in the comments! Here is my routine so far: NIGHT: I wash my face gently with Cetaphil, pat dry with towel, then let my skin dry (5 min). I next put on th
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions! I will have to look up some of the products you mentioned and see if they are avilable here or online. I've been looking for some vitamin supplaments, as I've heard there are quite a few good ones for clearing up acne - must go get some D3! Sounds like you had a good experience with it. Also heard good things about vitamin A, B & fish oil. What changes did you make to your diet? Anything specific that you think make a big difference??
  7. Hey Everyone, I decided - after a few failed attempts with other methods - to start the regime. I will be using drugstore products that I will list below. I'm starting this blog so that anyone reading can share their experience with the regime or good drugstore products I might not have listed. I'd also love to hear any tips and tricks you might have in approaching treatment. About 3 years ago I ordered Dan's products, which are awesome. Great price, large quantities, and for the most