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  1. I have always thought I had acne and was following a cleansing mechanism besides maintaining a non oily , spicy diet. Couple of months back I visited an old family physician and he diagnosed my condition as Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. I have been following his treatment for 2 months and I guess he is right. Although the condition cannot be avoided as it is triggered by whatever.... one can control the outbreak of eruptions. Much obliged on hearing of any thoughts from the esteemed community?
  2. This is a common instruction by elders in India. YOu have to drink a glass of water 300ml, 20 mins before a meal. After the meal wait for half an hour and then you may consume water again one glass. Later u can drink as much water as you want. Also after you wake up before you brush your teeth dring 2 large glasses of luke ware water. THen have breakfast after 45 min and you will feel refreshed. The water also does the trick or reducing your feed intake so you lose weight in the bargain.
  3. Hi! I'm new here. I did have a bad breakout in the month of Jan 2012. Visited a face treatment parlour in Feb. Was recommended Doxy-1. It is basically an antobiotic that is supposed to heal the wounds and keep bacteria under check. Question here is can Doxy do this internally and sjould one continue to use ir ...? how long? I took it for 3 weeks and it did stop new breakouts but I also used topical solution so cannot say if Doxy did its job. Now in the month of December I havbe started gett