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  1. It doesn't work. I did that for 3 months and did the whole 10 500mg pills a day and it did nothing for me. I wouldn't waste my time if I were you.
  2. Just like the title says, what is the best alternative to the acne.org cleanser? I love it, but I just can't keep spending $20 every time I need it (and I go through it more than BP or moisturizer).
  3. I guess I'll try that and see if I notice a difference. Thanks!
  4. Definitley not severe. And no, more like 5-6 minutes in between. Should I wait the full 15?
  5. Probably a little more than the recommended amount, and of course.
  6. I've been on the regimen since March of this year, doing the Face wash/BP/Moisturizer day and night almost every single day since starting and I also recently added AHA into the mix in June... and I still have yet to notice much of a difference to my skin. Am I doing it wrong or is it just not working for me? I get that it takes time, but I think by 5 months that I should start noticing my face clearing up. I have noticed that I haven't been getting as many breakouts as I was, but I still have t
  7. Has anyone here used this? I'm trying to decide between ordering that or the Acne.org brand AHA and figuring out which one works best.
  8. What is the best alternative to Dan's moisturizer? I've seen a couple people say that Cetaphil lotion is good, but I'd like to see what others think/use.
  9. Having the same problem. What is the best cetaphil lotion to buy?
  10. If you can get away with just placing it on your problem areas then go for it. For me though, I found that using BP on only my problem areas, zits now came out of my usually non-problem areas. Weird! So now I do my whole face. Just start slowly with the BP. It can be very drying so don't use the full recommend amount just yet. Good luck! I was planning on doing my entire face, but I just wanted to make sure before I did something wrong. Thank you!
  11. Ordered the kit this past week and hope to get it in the mail this week! I've read over everything but there's only one thing I'm confused about. Since this will be my first time using any of these products, should I use the BP all over my face or just do it in problem areas or vice versa (start with problem areas, do whole face after a couple weeks) to start out with?
  12. Basically what I've gotten out of the 10 pages from this thread that using the Olay night cream and the BP is what works good for most people?
  13. I've been doing 20ct. 500mg pills a day for the last four weeks (I was doing 10ct 500mg for a month before) and still haven't noticed much of a difference other than getting more acne. I know that it's normal to start breaking out while taking this amount of dosage but it hasn't really helped much (that I can see anyway) or cleared up any faster than normal. I've read that most people start seeing a difference within three-four weeks of taking it, but I haven't. For those that have taken it/