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  1. Maybe you should try being selfish and make yourself happy
  2. I always wanted to talk to my dad about his alcoholism and try to help him iwth it, but I nevr did. But just recently he got beat up by my brother and now hes in detox, hooray ! I would also like to try and forgive him for never being in my life until recently, but saying it and doing it are two completely different things. I would tell my Mom that she did a damn good job raising us even though it seemed like nothing would ever go right for us. Thanks mom! what about you bluelight?
  3. How long does it generally take for the effects of accutane to wear off? I have been off it for almost 3 years now and my face is still clear. will my acne ever come back(please no)?
  4. woo hoo go headturner! oh yeah!
  5. I found something that might be of interest to you and is more on the topic of; is alcohol bad?
  6. disregard my last post, I did a little google research and found this:
  7. I heard that the reason people turn red from drinking is because they are allergic to alcohol. Supposedly like 70-80% of people are allergic to alcohol.
  8. My bro hooked up with this chick a little while ago, and she was all about the semen thing. He said he busted on her stomach and she started to rub it all in. He tried to get her a towel but she refused, so then he refused to lie down next to her. I personally wouldnt give two shits, since Im producing the little buggers anyways.
  9. showers seem to be a lot more cleansing. Which is probably because you are not marinating in sweat, oil and dirt from the day. Baths are nice to relax once in a while, but stick to showering.
  10. Social distortion The Adicts-who spilt my beer is the best drinking song. The lost boyz-legal drug money(the whole album) Blockhead-my new favorite producer(music by cavelight is my current favorite album) DJ Shadow-All his shit is classic so many more to name
  11. Its kinda true though. Thi site makes you love accutane. When I came here I was totally against it because I thought it gave me Inflamed bowel syndrome, but it turned out I was wrong. But before I even knew that this site changed my mind about accuatne.
  12. When I first found this site I was having bad pains in my abdomen. I had been off the tane for over a year but I knew that it can cause IBS etc. So my first conclusion was that it was caused by the accutane. I finally dragged my depressed ass to the docs, and had them check me out. After like 5 weeks of tests they told me I needed a colonoscopy! . But luckily Another doctor ordered some more tests first and found out that I had Ecoli Bacteria in my stomach and intestines! I am now on anti
  13. I got drunk all the time on accutane and now I have an ulcer . Luckily I have insurance! And I got wise about the booze Sounds like you got no problem though, have fun!