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  1. Find a products that are water based. Water based products do not clog pores. I swear by Dinair. Its airbrush makeup. Pros: Make your skin flawless, long lasting, covers anything, doesn't look cakey, and doesn't break me out. Cons: It's expensive and you got to clean the airbrush gun every time you use it. It's really time consuming, but its my HG. Products that are waterbased: Face & Body Liquid Makeup by Makeup Forever, Face & Body Foundation by MAC, Maybelline PureMakeup, ect.
  2. Followed the direction that was listed when I got the package today in the morning. Cleanser: I love the face wash. It lather up really good, and feels light on my skin. Treatment: Used a pea size amount. Right away I can feel my face getting dry. After putting on my moisturizer my skin started to burn. It still does a bit. Moisturizer: I did not use the moisturizer, but I used Olay Complete SPF 15 moisturizer. I am going to try the moisturizer at night. Usual Routine: 0.1% Tazorac Gel (
  3. Hello Nelo18, tretinoin also didn't work for me. Try using epiduo, differin, or one of my favorites (currently using) tazorac.
  4. Hello Keelyface, I've been using tazorac gel 0.1% for about a year. It will take you 3-4 months till you'll see the results. When using tazorac you got to be very patient. It will get worse before it gets better. I have experience the zits that do not have pus and they never go away unless your force it to pop. From what I've seen tazorac doesn't seem to fix those type of acne? But you might not know iif you don't try, right? Tazorac also helps with scaring, a bunch! But with the severe scaring,