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  1. I used to find eucerin 'oil' and 'shiny' , but it was a matter of simply using less/rubbing it in more ... and getting used to a new product and how to apply it ; it's easy to give up on things to early , have you tried that ? Of course, maybe your skin genuinely can't take it ... but hey
  2. Green tea toner ladies and gents. - search for it on the forums. Basically it's applying green tea to your face. The green tint looks healthy and natural, combats redness to an extent, and can have other skin rejeuvenating properties aswell. Simple and cheap.
  3. Intro Questions ----1) How much do you weigh? 10 stone and a half ----2) How long have you had acne? 6-7 years at differing degrees of severity ----3) How severe is your acne? (Rate it 1-5 with 1=one or two whiteheads and 5= tons of cysts,blackheads,etc) Also include what "type" of acne you have (whiteheads,cysts,etc) 1 - whiteheads, papules and pustules occasionally ----4) List any vitamins or supplements you are taking None (I try to eat fruit and veg fairly regularly to gain these) -
  4. Perhaps like most suggested 'regimens' on the .org site, it's best to use moojamba's dipping method ALONGSIDE the regimen, rather than instead of. I've gotta say I notice my skin looks better immediately after the dip, and as a shortterm method it seems to be useful. So maybe alternating between BP and dipping and the like would be the best way forward?
  5. Yeah, I appreciate Dan's work. I recommended to include a soothing and/or redness reducing ingredient to the moisturiser, and it looks like Dan's sorted that out, so thanks very much
  6. Myself (and I've come across other people on the board) break out when using Jojoba, so maybe it's not the best ingredient; seeing as there's going to be an AHA in there already
  7. Try wet shaving with the Gillette Sensor excel razor. Dan and lots of CSR users recommend it, and you can use the CSR cleanser as a substitute shaving lather aswell.
  8. Check out the UK section of the International supplies section of the forums for advice
  9. What's the solution for oily skin then? If I don't moisturise, my skin gets oily, but if I do, depending on the moisturiser, it stays oily, or with some moisturisers (which usually are irritants) my facial oil levels becomes more balanced Thanks
  10. After trying lots of different cleansers myself, I and many other people have found 'St Ives Ultra Gentle apricot scrub' very good. It's cheap and very effective. Random stores sell it, and you can get in online. It's very gentle and is an excellent cleanser, and is for sensitive skin. You can use it daily too. I was wondering if anyone knows where to buy this in the stores? I first got it a few weeks ago, I think in An EthelAustin store in Rhyl, Wales,... random i know, but I think that was a
  11. Are you sure it's not just the light reflecting off fine hairs on your face? I find I have to shave my cheek areas and next to my sideburns, as the fine hairs aggrevate acne; perhaps a good close shave is all that's needed? F
  12. I used that for a while, was good aye, only slight downer was that my skin stayed a tad oily... but I've got oily skin
  13. It has SPF yar, never know how somethin goes unless you give it a go...
  14. Adidas for men face cream, give it a go