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  1. Im quite far in now! Think its been just over 5 months now. I am now on 80mg per day til the end of my course which is only 1 month away! Now i am back in the office my skin isnt being as battered by the elements as it was previously so i think its looking good. Still moisturising and applying blistex 20 times a day. Trying my best to stay out of the sun as i burn like a champion now.
  2. Thanks! It seems to have really come through just all of a sudden. Was at the end of my tether with it all for those first few months. I think because i had put up with rubbish skin for so long when i started the treatment i really didnt have much patience and did want an overnight fix. I started on 40mg each day for 2 months then got put up to 60mg each day for 2 months. When i go back this time it should go to 80mg each day for two months. That will average 80mg per day for 4 months. Which i
  3. Sorry for the delay. Got a little bit disheartened and didnt keep up to date with the log. But i have still be taking pictures every week! Only other updates is that for some reason the accutane side effects have become a ton worse. Super dry/red skin which is burning every second i expose it to the sun! Its ridiculous! Oh and the fact that i've started sweating a TON, i was always a sweaty person to begin with but this is ridiculous. Any form of physical exercise and i am streaming. Oh well
  4. End of week 8 Milestone right there! So this week my face went crazy, all the skin on my cysts peeled off to reveal crimson red raw skin which is on just on its way to healing. Really hope this doesnt scar. Side effects are a bit stronger but thats to be expected. Dry-er skin, dandruff, dry dry dry lips. And my face is red for no reason throughout the day. Havent broken out this week!!!! Just keeping the ones i have, although they are slowly fading. Skin is getting smooth, just really b
  5. Im trying to stack it on in the gym so i eat pretty clean. Breakfast Porridge made with water and a bit of peanut butter in it. 2 egg scrambled egg. Mid morning Protein shake with water Banana Lunch Wholewheat bread sandwich with chicken and plastic cheese. Apple Mid afternoon Chicken Breast Sweet potato Post workout Protein shake with water Dinner Pork steak Vegetables Brown rice Mid evening Granola Natural yoghurt Before bed Protein shake with water Black coffee/
  6. End of week 7 Still breaking out in big painful spots which is a pain. Starting to get frustrated with it all, my skin had basically cleared itself leading up to week 4 but the second month just wont stop being rubbish. No more side effects to report, im ill in general this week. Got this rubbish cough cold that seems to be going round. I had my NHS appointment on tuesday, the nurse was really nice and she upped my dosage to 60mg a day for the next two months. Over the course of the trea
  7. End of Week 6 So the breakout started to clear up and peel leaving just red marks, which look just as bad but im happier knowing they're not active. But then my face broke out again. Nothing too major, just 2 big red ones which again the camera isnt showing how large they are but you get the jiist. Ive started today wearing sunblock, the spray one from Garnier as my face was just getting burnt at the glimpse of the sun. Its making my skin feel more oily than previously but i guess i need it
  8. End of Week 4! Milestone! Really happy to be this far along time is flying by. Skin is so so clear right now. I only have one active cyst on my forehead but its not even red so its barely noticeable. Skin is still peeling. It even peels on my ears! Only problem is this is now rippling round my body, starting to get excema on my neck arms and shoulders, so having to cake myself in moisturiser every day. Finding that my face is flushing a lot more than usual just being beetroot red for a few hou
  9. Thanks for the tip, tried this and havent had a nose bleed today so i'm happy with that!
  10. End of Week Two - Hello side effects So all in all my skin is looking good. Cysts are still there however they arent as obvious as the redness and size has gone down. I did stupidly pop a spot on my forehead and learned why you shouldnt on accutane. Red mark looks worse than the spot did! This week ive started getting mild eczema on my hands, headaches, itchy scalp, red face, lips are peeling, ears are peeling! my left knee hurts, i had the worst nosebleed of my life and on my face skin
  11. Edited and added! Whats a log with no pictures anyway. I know exactly what you're saying in this paragraph. I've had the exact same feelings. Good luck to ya. I just started this past Friday and am really hoping to be done with acne forever. Cheers mate! Its about time we got ontop of this and got our lives back! Looks like you are me are pretty much in the same postion. 21 male and started accutane on the exact same day! Looking forward to hearing success stories END OF WEEK ONE! Milesto
  12. Day 4 So far so good. My skin looks better which was unexpected. No new spots! A few whiteheads here and there but they came as fast as they went. The active cysts on the forehead look smaller and more dealable aswell. However, i look like a sunburn victim, probably windburn from cycling to work and then walking around in the snow. Either way i am cutting out the BP and fully committing to the accutane. Hopefully it all works out
  13. So today is the day that after alot of consideration i start accutane. Mainly making this log for my own benefit so i can track stuff easier down the line but maybe it will be of use to someone else on here so here we go! Background Acne runs in the family. My mum especially had a big battle with cystic acne right through her teens to early twenties. So it was no surprise that i have problems with Acne. I have had it ever since i was 12/13 which was just teenage spots which i controlled with o
  14. Thanks for the reply, should i just truck through it? It doesnt seem to be getting any better since i started in late November. Im beginning to get very depressed and sad about my face in general. Tempted just to shell out for accutane on private :(
  15. Added some photos so people can give me some opinions. Here is me 23rd december when i was doing the regimen twice a day slapping on the BP about 4 weeks into the regimen. Rookie mistake Skin was very red an irritated and broke out in cysts. Which i never had a problem with before!!! I then quit the regimen for a week and used tea tree oil. My skin tone recovered but the cysts that had been going down on the regimen were reactivating. I then went back onto the regimen once a da