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  1. Wow, thanks for tip 1 and the bit about melatonin. I never really thought about those two facts. I always find your posts to be so helpful, thank you!!!
  2. Again, my success is continuing. In the last 3 months I have had maybe 2 or three minor blemishes and zero cysts! Scarring and hyper-pigmentation is fading slowly, but well. I've been continuing using Argain Oil, 150mg of Spironolactone, and 3 days a week of tretinoin gel. It seems like I can do whatever I want to my skin as long as I stay on the spironolactone. To help fade scars and keep my pores small and clear I use CeraVe foaming wash and moisturizer. Occasionally I will use a cleanser
  3. Wooooo! What MB products are you using?
  4. redredred

    My Skin

  5. I have been clear for awhile and my feeling is that my skin look better when I use topical treatments as well. I use a face wash with salycilic acid or glycolic acid once a day or so and topical prescription Retin-A and Aczone every night. These products paired with Spiro has been like a dream team for my skin.
  6. I have been on 150mg Spiro for 6 months and my weight has not changed at all.
  7. I have had continued success. My scars are getting much better and breakouts are just about non-existant. Hoping the best for all of you who are also going the Spiro route!
  8. redredred

    Day 60/day 43

    I had a really rough time when I started using tretinoin after being on spiro for 1 month. The 2nd and 3rd month were hellish for me. My skin never seemed to get used to the retinoid and was constantly peeling, getting inflamed and breaking out. After 3 months my chin cleared and then by the end of the 4th month my cheeks did too. Around the same time my skin seemed to do much better with the retinoid and I think I am almost ready to get a stronger dose. Just stick with it and stay positive!
  9. No, but I did have an initial breakout when I started using Tretinoin (aka Retin-A).
  10. A short summary: I started seeing improvement at 3 months-- this is also when I increased my dose from 100 mg to 150 mg. My skin got worse the first month, stayed the same the second month and started to clear the third. My chin cleared first and quite rapidly. Then my cheeks started slowly getting better. I still have issues with my cheeks because I pick a lot. I have scars, so the skin isn't very smooth and for some reason I get it my head that I need to continue picking at it even though the
  11. Hello all, I'm mostly commenting as a bookmark because there is a lot of good information here! I've been taking Spiro for 4 months and am pretty happy with my results. I wish the best for all of you! Shawna
  12. My skin looks similar and I consider mine hormonal.
  13. I'm so sorry. I would guess that your body will need 1-3 menstrual cycles to start regulating itself again. Best wishes.
  14. I've been on spiro for 4 months and it has been going pretty well. I'm not 100% clear all the time but it is much much more manageable. My blogs:
  15. Hi Jazzy17, Sorry your struggling so much. I have chin hairs too. I pluck them. I get a lot of ingrown hairs on my thighs and legs but I haven't had any problems on my chin. Have you considered laser hair removal and/or Spironolactone? Living Social and Groupon have lots of deals for laser hair removal with packages starting at ~$100. I haven't done it, but I have friends who have with pretty good success. I've seen offers in both the Los Angeles and the Atlanta area, so maybe you can