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  1. Hey! How long ago was your treatment? Have you seen any improvement? Also thanks to everyone else for their input - I have been reading your comments and suggestions, and have decided to start derma rolling to see if it can reverse the damage. Been poking around online for more info and it does seem like an unfortunate effect some people experience. Haven't seen a lot of solutions though, but I do hope it'll fade in time. What this person described here is exactly what I have right now, sin
  2. Around 5-6 total, I would say - the first 3-4 I had done at a clinic, but it was not very professional. The doctor did not do it himself, and instead had some girls that were clearly not nurses or medical professionals do it. It hurt a lot more but was cheaper ($300 dollars a session, I think). I did not see much results, however, I don't think I had the permanent pin marks problem from those sessions. The later ones I went to a different dermatologist, and these were $800 a session and the do
  3. I've done this treatment a few times and am pretty convinced I've just wasted a lot of money. I know it works for a lot of people, but unfortunately, I seem to be one of those who actually have negative results from this really expensive treatment. My treatments have been rather far apart, mainly due to the fact I was on Accutane last year. I waited 6 months before my last Fraxel treatment, which I got exactly a month ago. So now, one month later, I still see the pin pricks all over my face. I
  4. Thank you both so much for the information and suggestions! I called my dermatologist this morning but he didn't sound too concerned - said I could come by to see him Saturday morning. I'd really feel better with some antibiotics, hopefully I can convince him to prescribe some on Saturday and that it won't be too late to prevent a breakout. Whiteheads are still popping up like crazy today, I hope it stops there and doesn't turn into cysts.
  5. Can Fraxel cause cystic acne? I had a treatment about a year ago for acne scars, and shortly after that I had the worst breakout of my life. I had my suspicions then, but thought it was just a horrible coincidence at the time. But the acne was really, really stubborn, the worst I'd ever seen and eventually I had to go on Accutane for 6 months, which cleared up my skin again to the point where I could have another Fraxel treatment. My Accutane course ended in December, and I was told that I sh
  6. I've tried looking for answers to this but the responses have been pretty varied - some people say missing up to a week won't mess anything up, while other comments have been like "miss two days and you're fucked". I'm currently a few days shy of 4 complete months into Accutane - September 26th will mark the beginning of month 5. I'm 95lbs, female and on 40mg/day. I'm on my last pill today, and I've scheduled to see my derm next Monday, so I'm going to be missing almost a week of Accutane. T
  7. Oh yeah, forgot to mention my dosage and such in the OP - don't know if that matters, but I have been and will be on 40mg my whole course, and I am 20, 43kg female. It doesn't really shrink pores, but since it shrinks the sebaceous gland (which is part of pilosebaceous unit, which includes the pore + gland), it can make them look smaller. However the "orange peel texture" you are describing appears to be a common side effect of both Accutane and Retin-A products. Not really sure wh
  8. I am almost 3 months into my Accutane treatment, and in general my acne has improved (though I still get the occasional pimple and get break outs when I'm on my period), however I noticed that the texture of my skin is just terrible these days. My skin around the acne used to be very soft and smooth, and the pores on my nose were bigger than average, but not as huge as they are now. Overall, the condition of my skin has worsened and it looks like the pores all over my face have enlarged. My skin
  9. Day 68 Into my 3rd month! Things are still kinda see-sawing. For the most part, my skin is pretty smooth now, but I still break out quite a bit during my time of the month, and my skin gets very oily. I got a really bad nosebleed yesterday, don't know if it's the Accutane or the weather, or both. And maybe lack of water too, I had been moving the past few days and tried to get so many things done in a short amount of time I neglected to hydrate properly. So yeah, I can feel some cysts and b
  10. Day 51 Thank you both for the kind words of encouragement and advice! I've actually been doing a lot better since my last update (which is kind of why I haven't been updating - my acne hasn't even been on my mind that much!) - I haven't had any cysts for at least a week or two, and the pimples I do have are drying up and going away. I hope I don't jinx it, but things are looking up. The dryness did come back - the week I updated was the week I got my period, so I think that may have caused the
  11. Well, that makes me feel a bit better to know, thanks!
  12. Day 37 Holy crap, is my skin oily. I'm not sure what is going on at this point, but I've been told the skin may continue to fluctuate for the first few months, so.. this kinda sucks. It's like I have all the initial breakouts, all the bad side effects, and the one thing that was good about being on Accutane is gone now - I'm back to being super oily but everything else has gone to shit. Aaaa. Time go faster pls.
  13. I am currently 34 days into my treatment - 40mg/day Accutane. So far it has done nothing for my acne, except for the extreme dryness. When I was 15 days in, my skin was extremely dry, which I thought was a good thing because it meant the medication was working. And also it was really nice not having oily skin and having to blot throughout the day. But today, suddenly I woke up to find the skin around my nose oily again. It's definitely not as bad as it used to be, but my skin is definitely not
  14. Day 30 Feelin' pretty shit, as it's been a whole month, and while I did not expect a miracle drug that worked right away, I'm pretty pissed that my skin looks and feels no better (if anything, a little worse) than when I started. There is a monster cyst on my right cheekbone the size of a dollar coin, and one emerging on my left cheekbone as well. Then, scattered all over my cheeks and jawline are a bunch of junior cysts. My cheeks are incredibly red, and everything itches. Wonderful. If I so
  15. Thanks for the answer! That makes a lot of sense, I'll definitely tell him I'm rescheduling my appointment for the treatment, don't wanna risk more scarring.