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  1. Are you still using both Finacea and Dan's AHA+ Moisturizer?
  2. When I'm at work, my face doesn't feel oily. In fact, it looks the best at work. It could be that I'm keeping myself busy. However, my skin becomes oily the more I'm at home (watching tv, computer, etc). Whether it be at night or if I home for the day. You?
  3. I have oily skin and read positive reviews about taking Zinc and/or Vitamin D3 to help minimize oil production. I've been taking NOW Zinc Picolinate 50 mg and TWINLABS Copper 2 mg (since taking 50 mg of Zinc) for about a month now with pretty good results. I just added NOW Vitamin D3 1000 IU to my daily supplement intake. Is taking both Zinc and D3 ok? Is Zinc and/or D3 better than the other? How about Vitamin A? MORNING: NOW Zinc Picolinate 50 mg NOW Vitamin D3 1000 IU
  4. Just want to bump this thread... Is this okay? Is one supplement better than the other?
  5. I am thinking of purchasing this Panasonic ES810S3 shaver. WHOARTHOU1: Are you still using it? If not, did you purchase another electric shaver?
  6. Had it and returned after a short while. Didn't like the way it felt on my skin.
  7. WOW. Talk about someone who is Negative. I looked at several of your posts, BSDetector, and you have nothing Positive to say. What may not work for you may work for others.
  8. My bath/face towels are starting to lose the softness and I feel I'm breaking out with more whiteheads. I saw these online but curious what people here are using to reduce irritation and spreading of bacteria/acne... Bed Bath & Beyond: http://www.bedbathan....=124466&RN=273 Macys: http://www1.macys.co...6853#pdpreviews Does anyone have any recommendations for soft towels (100% cotton)? (preferably one you can buy at a store so I can feel it beforehand, but online sellers are
  9. WEEK 2 Just a quick update. A few whiteheads formed throughout the week. I believe weather (cold-hot-cold-hot etc), lack of sleep, over cleansing my faced (my fault) caused it. However, today, my whiteheads subsided. I switched my intake of supplements yesterday as I have not been sleeping well. Now it's Zinc in the morning and Copper at night. In response to Tay1392's post, cutting out gluten all at once may be too difficult for me as I eat several gluten products daily. I have found sub
  10. Did you just started using the Mia? Are using the Cetaphil cleanser with the Mia? I am lookng to get the Mia and probably the deep pore brush
  11. Was able to resist temptations at Christmas-eve party last night and Christmas dinner a short while ago. Avoided an assortment of dairy dishes, chocolate, and alcohol.
  12. I am 33, male, Caucasian with oily skin. I have had mild/moderate facial acne on and off for the past 15 years. More so when I was a teenager, but for the past 10 years, daily whiteheads all over my face. It has impacted every part of my life (relationships, socializing, work, and family). I have tried topical medication and lots of OTC cleaners/treatments ($$$ down the drain) with no complete results. Some would work for a while, but my body would adapt and reject the cleanser/treatments soo
  13. Thanks. Will introduce sweet potatoes into my routine. Reason why I'm going with the zinc supplement is I don't like fish
  14. Re-evaluating everything as I realized there are other factors (i.e. diet, sleep, stress, exercise, etc) which I need to consider. I'm 33 and do all but not well. For my diet, I removed caffeinated soda (only drank at work), dairy, peanut butter, white food (bread, rice, pasta), alcohol, frozen dinners, and chips. I increased my consumption of water (didn’t drink enough) and started eating more vegetables, fruits, and freshly cooked lean chicken. I replaced peanut butter with almond butter and r
  15. Interesting... what is the correct way to use the baby washcloths? Rrecommendation for a baby brush?