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  1. Right, i've just started taking Agnus Castus after reading so many positive reviews about it helping with hormonal acne. This is only my second day so I will keep you posted I have just had my usual monthly outbreak so I guess I will be able to see if this helps my breakout next month But I have also just decided to stop taking my oral contraceptive pill (Marvelon) so I may have a positive or negative reaction from my hormones sorting themselves out But, Agnus Castus also hel
  2. lallen2222

    My Story

    Firstly I'd like to say welcome to my blog. I decided to write this blog to keep track of breakouts, treatments, experiences as an acne sufferer so far. I find reading blogs very helpful, as it's nice to know you are not alone in the struggle with your skin. When my acne first decided to introduce itself to my life not everybody had access to the internet, so i would have found blogs like this very helpful. Lets get started...... I was 14 when I broke out in acne, not knowing how
  3. Hi all I just thought I'd share my experience with a new product I'm trying I'm sure most of you have heard of the new big fad of rubbing snail slime over your face, and like me thought YUK! But, i was given some free samples of the Dr Organic Snail Gel whilst shopping in Holland and Barrett. After getting over the fact that it is snail goo, I thought what the hell, Like most people who suffer from bad skin I will try anything! The gel contains Aloe Vera so it has a lovely fresh
  4. These horrid types of spots are the bain of my life I found that taking vitimin D has helped A LOT! I have not had an underskin spot for a couple of months but I've now just started to develope one. Just in time for christmas, great! They always appear on my chin and by my mouth so I can't even hide them away. Even make up doesn't hide them. They start off as a small lump which leaves my skin above red and painful. Then the lump just gets worse and worse. They never seem to come to a
  5. It may take a while but the vitimin D will help with your skin Stick at it, it took me about 5/6 months to notice a real difference I would also definately recommend vit b if you're a vegetarian. I went through a spell of fainting, mainly in the mornings I too eat fish, but my doctor told me vitimin B was mainly found in red meats. I haven't eaten red meat in over 5 years so no surprise my levels were low. I was told to either start eating meat or take vitimin B. A bit of a no br
  6. Hi opalrose11 What does your doctor say? I suffer from cystic acne which pretty much lasts all month but gets worse at certian times of the month. SO much so, I can pretty much pinpoint to the day that I will get a horrible cystic spot! I am almost 30 but first got acne when I was 14, which lasted for about a year, then cleared up but then came back when I was 21 (mainly on my cheeks which left me with scarring). After being put on the pill it cleared up pretty quickly I then had a
  7. Hello again Did you try Clearzine? They did seem to work rather well for me! The only problem is I live in the UK so it costs me a fortune to have them sent over from the USA I am now taking vitimin D and B which does help a great deal
  8. Hi there I started to suffer from acne at the age of 14, which lasted for just over a year. The acne seemed to come out of nowhere, I honestly went from having the most perfectly clear skin to being COVERED in acne in under a month. During that time I was given harsh chemical creams and gels to apply to my face daily, which burned me so bad. I was also given antibiotics which although made me feel awul and missing a lot of school, they eventually worked. Or maybe my teenage acne had just ru
  9. Hi. I've just ordered 2 bottles of Clearzine in the hope it will work after pretty much everything else has failed or made my skin worse. FINGERS CROSSED! Would love to have clear skin for christmas!
  10. Hello. I have the same issue. I suffered acne all over my face as a teenager but after almost every type of medication it cleared up after a year. Now in my late 20's I have suddenly started to get the most painful cystic acne, always around my chin. I hate it! I often get several normal sized spots but with one of two cysts, which take so long to heal and are almost impossible to cover up. I can't stand looking like this anymore. I already have scarring on my left cheek from my teenage acne