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  1. I have not given up on getting rid of my acne, in fact I have gone back to using Dan's BP about 3 weeks ago and I'm glad I did. This time I used less BP, mainly concentrating it on my chin, forehead, and outer parts of my cheeks and staying away from inner cheeks and nose, since that's where I'd get the dryest and I don't normally get zits there. I have seen significant improvement, my chin/jawline acne is almost completely gone, only the red marks remain. My only issue right now is I have a clu
  2. Day 16 Well I quit using the BP almost a week ago and my skin has returned back to normal. My reason for quitting was because of the constant stinging feeling I was having the entire day when using it, and it was starting to make my face very red which was especially evident around my lips, where there was a ring of normal colored skin. Plus the flaking and everything, I know everyone says that would subside after my skin got used to it but I couldn't handle it. It sucks though because the BP
  3. Day 10 I applied BP yesterday morning, last night I did not apply BP, nor did I this morning. Yesterday I noticed that my skin on my face was slightly darker than the rest of me, it looked slightly red but also like a tan which is odd because 1) I haven't been outside and 2) it hasn't even been sunny in a looong time. I did research and from what I gather it was the BP doing that, so I got really paranoid and considered quitting the regimen. But now I am noticing that the BP does appear to be
  4. I'm seeing a few people saying that they used the regimen and something about it made their face tanner/orangey/etc. Some think it's the BP, some think it's the moisturizer, some don't know. Does anyone know what actually causes that to happen? I'm a little anxious thinking that may happen to me. Is there a way to prevent it? I've been on the regimen for a little over a week and I am seeing that my face is darker than the rest of my skin, I can't tell if it's red or tan. I know redness is to be
  5. Day 8 This is my first day using BP in the morning, I'll be using it twice a day from here, I'm not using full doses yet, at least I don't think I am. Everything I've read about how much BP I'm supposed to use is judged based on pumps and my BP isn't in a pump bottle, I guess you could say I'm using a grape sized amount. It is really really burning, but I do not notice any redness yet. I also don't think I have any new breakouts to speak of and the ones I mentioned in my last post are still t
  6. It didn't sting for me on my first day either. I'm only about a week into it but I'd say on the third day I definitely felt it start to sting.
  7. Day 6 Skin is super dry and starting to flake in some places. Got a new zit on the left side of my cheek and one on my forehead. Possibly a new one on my chin too, still can't tell which ones are old and which are new.
  8. Day 4 I'm assuming my skin is in the purging phase, I still have acne on both sides of my chin where it was the worst, as well as my jawline, one zit in particular on the left side of my chin is quite large. Also I'm noticing more breakouts on my cheeks and I have never really broken out on my cheeks before so I'm not a huge fan of that. However the few breakouts I was getting on my forehead seem to be gone now so hopefully it stays that way. Also my skin is a little tight/dry plus I'm notici
  9. Oh gosh that's no good, I'll definitely not up my BP dosage just yet then. Did you wait a week after starting again to use two full pumps of the BP or do you recommend waiting even longer than that? And should I wait until my skin has completely adjusted to the BP before I use AHA?
  10. Thanks to both of you for the help! I am starting off slow, I'm currently only using a small amount of BP only at night and I'll continue that for the the first seven days, then I'll use the same amount but both morning and night. I want to increase to twice a day now, since it's my third day and so far I'm feeling nothing but very minimal dryness, but I don't want to start using too much too soon so I'm not sure if that would be ok. Also I purchased the AHA+ and I want so badly to use that on
  11. Day 3 Today I noticed I have about 5-6 new zits, most are normal size and in a location where I'm prone to getting acne (chin/jaw area) but one is a little below my right temple which is unusual but not a huge deal. Not sure if they all came out today or if some came through yesterday. Skin doesn't feel that dry, just a little in some spots and moisturizer seems to be taking care of that.
  12. I just recently purchases DK's Regimen and starting using it a couple days ago. Before I started this I was using a Clean & Clear cleanser with 10% BP in it, for about 2-3 weeks both day and night. It never really made my face burn, peel, itch etc, but would make my face a little dry but moisturizer usually solved that issue. it also, as far as I could tell in the short time, did nothing for my acne. My question is since I was using that for a few weeks before using Dan's BP, should I still
  13. Got my package yesterday, that was some fast shipping! I bought the Cleanser, Treatment, Moisturizer, and AHA+. I used it for the first time last night except the AHA+, I'll wait until I've been on this regimen for a month before I use that (or at least I'll try to). I used about a nickel sized amount of the BP treatment. I gotta say I'm not a huge fan of the moisturizer, I know the bottle recommends using 2 full pumps but I only used a little less than one pump and I felt like I had way too muc
  14. Hello everyone! I am Grace, I'm 24, and like many others, I'm so fed up with my acne. Today I purchased Dan's Regimen (Cleanser, BP Treatment, and Moisturizer) as well as the AHA+. I did a lot of reading on other people's logs and success stories before deciding to purchase this, and I also have a better idea of what to expect. I'm a little nervous about how much irritation/dryness/redness/etc I will experience in the first few weeks but we'll see what happens! Here's a little bit of backgrou