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  1. All true. I thnik that when a couple gets through smth like that, the true love come out
  2. So I have been thinking for a few days now. Its hard to find a true love with all that acne/scars crap, so i think that when a person who is dealing with this problem tries to work harder for love? But i think that the biggest challenge is when, a couple where both partners have cristal clear skin and suddenly one of them get acne. I think that this is the time when true love come out?
  3. Hi! I am using Skin doctors Australia cosmetics. In the morning i use cleanser and skinactive day cream and in the evening i also use cleanser and then i use gamma hidrxy cream. Last week I read about green tea cleanser and tried it and i must say my skin hasnt felt this good in weeks. So i decided to not use cleanser and gamma hydroxy in the evening and but green tea. So the problem here is that i have forgot my skinactive day cream and cleanser at our weekend house so i wont be able to
  4. I really hope that there is hope for us who suffer from acne. But I think that world is too corupted and all that people want is money. Why would cosmetical factories and lobbys allow this medicine which would cure acne to come out? Imagine how much money do they get from us when we buy creams and pills... I think that acne people hold up the economy. I really hope that there are still doctors and scientist who will someday resarch a medicine and make all us happy.
  5. I really think that the most problems come from our fillings and emotions. I have put down all the mirrors and i feel much better because before i was constantly looking in miror and search for new zits
  6. Hi guys! This is my first post on this forum and first i must say that i am not from an english speaking country so my english wont be all perfect. I have been fighting with acne for the third year now, It has all stared in a year befor high school. I was having a really really light acne for 1 year and than i came into the high school and things got worse. Now i have moderate to severe acne, but the problem is that my skin looks very tired. I have like 5 whiteheads on each cheek and maybe