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  1. @ Jessie ( that's my name too lol) is there anyway I can prevent pcos now or am I screwed either way? Also does yasmine work better than ortho tri cyline or they about the same? The dianette has amazing reviews for thick hair no more hirsutism and absolutely beautiful skin. However unless I order it online I just can't get it and its probably not safe to medicate myself with dianette when the doctors here haven't heard anything about it.
  2. They don't offer dianette in us :/ and now I'm fighting with doctor to give me yasmine. She doesn't want to do it because I smoke.
  3. Also how can I get diane 35 I'm in Orange County ca and I don't think they really have it here
  4. My testosterone is 81 and normal levels are 2-42 they don't think I have pcos as I have recently lost 15 pounds and things are only getting worse ( hirsutism acne and thinning hair like crazy) also will diane 35 be enough or should I add spiro too ( not just for acne but for the hair thinning and new blonde facial hair that's starting too) I really want diane 35 or dianette. If anyone knows how to get ahold of it in Orange County California would help immensely
  5. also @ spot the difference : if I don't have pcos but just have crazy high testosterone levels are 81 and normal range is 2-42 and dhea is high but not Dheas (starting to lose hair, get hirsutism, and moderate acne out of nowhere despite losing 15 pounds recently with out even trying hard at all) how can I lower it? Like what bcp is the best ( dianette etc) and what herb acts like spiro ( not just lessening effects of testosterone but actually lowering it) I've always known I have too much t
  6. @ armadillo they now don't think I have pcos. I've lost 15 pounds just by dieting (despite some over eating lol) and the tests don't lead them to believe its pcos. However testosterone is crazy high 81 and normal range is 2-42 and dhea is high. However Dheas is in normal range. The hirsutism is starting a little bit and my hair is thinning like crazy! Also acne keeps coming. I'm chronically stressed so that is a long journey to reverse and stress raises testosterone. I need real solutions thoug
  7. Green gables- thank you and sorry to sound like an air head ( super tired right now) but how do I find your signature so I can see which ones to take. Also I'm interested maybe in a bcp that will increase estrogen / decrease testosterone something like yaz since its an antiandrogen( except I don't want to take yaz in particular due to horror stories) and also what other medications suppress testosterone or androgens ( something like spiro and such) maybe the combo can really do the trick.
  8. Ok so confused now doctor says she doesn't think I have pcos because only testosterone and cortisol were high ... Testosterone is at 81 and normal is 2-42. I've lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks just by dieting but acne keeps comin and now some peach fuzz (blonde thus far) my hair on my head is thinning by the say .....what in the hell I'm a 20 year old girl I don't want acne for the first time and I don't want to grow a beard or something messed up like that ( very much a female inside and out) what ca
  9. Thank you all so much for your input. Finally saw a hormone doctor and turns out I have pcos (polycystic ovary syndrome) I haven't gained any weight yet but maybe that comes later (dreading that as I've always been complimented on my body and before this year my skin ) if anyone has had this or knows of a hollistic cure or hollisitc treatment plan I would be so so grateful. Crazy thing is I was way insecure when I had perfect body and clear skin I am the last person who can deal with this I'm re
  10. Alright so I just now have been diagnosed with pcos. But I haven't gained any weight and have always ( I'm not exaggerating) been told how perfect my body is. But does weight gain come later? Very scared here. So now it's more than the acne which I hate it's actually a health concern. Does anyone know how to treat/ cure this holistically ? I will be running out of health insurance by the end of this month so prescriptions probably aren't the safest route to go :/ please please if anyone knows
  11. If like to start off by saying this is my first year with acne ever. It started off so mild and I used pro active and it cleared right up. Stopped using it and my skin was flawless like its always been (didn't have a single pimple as a teen not one/ not really surprising since everyone in my family not only has clear skin but glory skin) sooo when I had a nervous break down this year at my first semester of college my Skin had moderate acne over night (not even kidding) its taken months but is f
  12. Ok so I posted on here a month ago. I have now done tons of research and would like others input. So the first thing is genetics is absolutely not an option as no one in my family has ever had it. We are actually known for our flawless skin. As a teen not a single pimple. Not kidding not even one ( even wearing mac makeup for days on end and not washing my face). I've been in relationships constantly the last couple of years so I never really wore makeup. I started breaking out a little at 18 an
  13. I eat a lot of eggs and turkey and fruit and spinach and veggies. But i constantly have dairy ( cheese, and milk especially). The three main things I drink Are water, coffee (every single day and used to drink way too much of it -two venti cups a day with add shots) and flavored iced tea, I cut out monsters because I use to drink a couple a day.
  14. That's was very helpful thank you. I drink a lot of coffee could that be affecting it? I also smoke but I'm cutting down. Food wise though I've always been pretty healthy and exercise regularly. But anyways thanks again for the advice very helpful and any further suggestions would again be greatly appreciated.
  15. I don't have any on my back yet and there's very little on my fore head. But since its never been this bad I'm not sure if its going to start spreading to those areas over time. I'm using the acne free for sensitive skin because cetaphil wasn't doing much.