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  1. Thanks for your feedback. I will try those products out and report back if I find success.
  2. I was wondering if this could be fungal acne? I generally get acne around my chin area only. They are usually whiteheads and sometime cystic acne once in a long while. I tried cutting out dairy and high glycemic food out, but no success. I'm experimenting with shaving as well as I believe that could possibly be it? Maybe shaving too close and irritating the skin. I've been applying lotrimin ultra and nizoral on my chin area for a week and haven't really seen vast improvements. I visited the de
  3. Thanks for the advice. Most people don't come back and post updates after they find a cure. I may have to try this. I was also on accutane and not sure if my hormones are messed up by it. Only problem is I am guy. Hopefully it works though!
  4. I definitely do believe masturbation cause acne for some individuals. I just learned that I am one of those unlucky individuals after trial and experiment. I get cystic acne on the chin when ever I masturbate on the same day. I go one week without fapping and my acne clears up and no new acne. It is so hard to not fap though in this age and time lol. I wish there was another solution. People who says masturbation affect acne are lucky. Just because you don't get acne from masturbation does not m
  5. I have dry flaky skin on my chin and nose due to accutane. I have been off accutane for a couple years now, but i think the side effects are still lingering around. I am currently using jojoba oil to help with the dryness, but I keep getting whiteheads around my chin area. Does this means that jojoba oil is clogging my pores and causing these whiteheads? Or does it mean that I am purging? I have been using the jojoba oil for three days so far. How do I prevent whiteheads from showing up? Do I si
  6. Hi people, I found this blog and seems very helpful and very informative about the long term side effects of accutane. I thought I would share the wonderful find with you guys.I am still trying to finish reading it. Maybe, you more knowledgeable people can grab something from this and help us solve our long term side effects. Also if you found it informative and interesting, please save it some how in case the url goes down. [Edited link out] Here are some excerpts from it: A
  7. I agree with the OP. I think I tried something like this back in high school and it worked. I was usually always moody and full of negative energy because of acne. I decided to try to be happier and accept myself for who I am and just look at the bright side. My skin cleared up drastically. But it just never occured to me that this was the solution because at the time I was experimenting with many other things as well. I then went to college and got stressed out and the negative energy returned
  8. Hi guys, I am not suffering from hair loss or anything severe like you guys. I am only suffering from exfoliative cheilitis, constipation, dry skin, peeling skin. I only took about a month of accutane at 50mg. I cannot imagine the hardship you guys go through, but I will try to help out anyway I can. I don't know if this will help anyone but I found this post from an old forum, but it is about reversing hair loss due to Accutane. Here it is: http://www.hairloss-reversible.com/discus/messages/7/1
  9. Just letting you know that you will have to live with this choice for the rest of your life. There are some people that gets permanent side effects from accutane. If you feel that you are lucky and willing to live with the side effects go for it.
  10. Just know of the great risks and side effects that are involved when taking accutane. It is like Russian roulette. You will regret taking accutane if you acquired permanent side effects from it, such as joint pains, hair loss, and depression. I would suggest you exhausting all options before trying out accutane. I seriously think that most dermatologists or doctors are ill equipped to help out acne sufferers. They do not even take the time to know the patient and try other options. First thing t
  11. I truly want to try out a raw food diet. But I am just so skeptical about it lol. I guess it is because I have been eating processed food all my life? I'm a newbie about this topic, so please enlighten me. What if you are a body builder. How do you get protein into your system? Also, I just have the perception that eating just raw food won't make me full lol. Maybe, I just need a little more pushing to try out an all raw food diet. I definitely heard great things and about the increase in vitali
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anyone still have chapped lips after they stopped using Accutane? I have been off it for 3 years and still have dry flaky and scaly chapped lips everyday. I have tried carmex, vaseline, drinking plenty of water, but nothing seem to cure it permanently. It is driving me nuts. I took 50 or 60 mg capsules for a month. Do I need my liver or colon flush out? Do I need to take certain medications/vitamins? If anyone know how to solve this please let me know.
  13. Hi people. I have chapped lips and flaky skin on my face and hemorrhoid issues still after stopping Accutane for 3 years. Will cannabis oil solves this? Does anyone know of any cures.
  14. I also have this problem. It has been 3 years since I was off accutane. I still have peeling chapped lips. Have you found a cure yet?
  15. That looks pretty severe to me. I think it can lead to scarring if untreated.