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  2. Brent Austin DeGray

    Useful for cystic acne.

    Useful for cystic acne.

    I am currently taking 500mg 4 times a day in conjunction with B5. I have have taken this product for approximately 3.5 years and I have noticed a large improvement to my skin. Not only did this clear my skin but it is also said to improve natural HGH production. In addition to other health benefits that I've listed in the pros section. I'm not a doctor but I do know this works to clear acne (especially cystic acne) from experience. Toxicity levels have been cited to be above the 3 gram level an
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  4. Brent Austin DeGray

    - Clears skin - Reduces pore size - Diminishes wrinkles - Stops a large percentage of oil production - Does not work as well if you take the capsule form. - May interact with prescription antibiotics I had very severe acne, I then stumbled upon an article years ago and decided to try it out. It worked wonders. I no longer wake up running to the mirror to see how much worse it has gotten like I use to do. I wake up pretty (as some of my friends say). I highly recommend this fo
  5. Brent Austin DeGray

    - My skin became smoother - Spots seemed to diminish - Skin had a non oily glow - After taking this for 4 day I got 2 small pimples. I looked into this supplement very quickly. I usually study my herbs and vitamins more than I did with Milk Thistle. One thing I noticed is that many medications that use the liver to process properly are inhibited when taking this supplement. I also read that this protects the liver and prevents certain harmful toxins from damaging the liver.