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  1. so ive been on the regimen for 3 years first 2 years was great but i stopped using it for 3 months i was broke and i couldnt afford it but now that i can most of my acne is gone but my face is never fully clear as it used to be has this happened to anyone before ???
  2. There's an AHA that they sell at the 99cent store idk if I want to try just cuz it's 99cents. Has anyone ever tried it
  3. now that i have little to no acne what products should i use to treat my oil skin and what are the best brands of makeup??
  4. so its been a year since ive been using the regimen this past few months i have been broke and i ran out of bp i will soon buy it but its been a month since i haven't used the regimen some of my acne has came back but not like how it was before . will it get worse?? and will i start getting dry and peeling once i start using the bp again?
  5. its been 5 months i havent been on here much but iam very happy with the treatment of the BP i should post pics ? for the skeptics my skin is not perfect but it has looked better then it has since my teen years
  6. Is there something I can use to stop the itching on my face. I keep picking at it only gets worse
  7. I don't understand why some people post about masturbating does that actually play a big part in acne???
  8. I'm starting to think my acne is some sort of fungus, it's so itchy and my acne isn't the same I have more small white puss pimples sounds so gross looks even worse could it be result of doxy pills and the b/p ?
  9. i consume alot of dairy especially cheese I LOVE CHEESE. does dairy play a big part of my diet and acne???
  10. im used to sleeping with my face on the pillows and sleeping on my stomach. i think this plays a big part on my acne but i dont know how to break from this habit.... am i the only one who has this problem???
  11. i dont think your suppose to use 2 pumps of moisturizer
  12. looks very good... are u dry skin or oily?? do you use primer>
  13. still trying to get the hang of this

  14. ive been on doxycycline for about 1month now and i havent noticed a difference what else am i going to expierence with this medication or am i just wasting my money and time on it...
  15. im use to full coverage foundation and now that iam on the BP its been a week. my face is starting to look like a grandma cake face, what brands of makeup would anyone recommmed for me i want to start having a light coverage