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  1. Wow, it's been a while since I've posted about my face. A message from a member prompted me to check back with an update. A little background information - I haven't had any active zits in over a year. I think I made have just grown out of it. I'm 19 now...started getting acne at like 12. My biggest problem since the acne stopped was continued clogged pores. Current situation - 2 clogged pores...both on my forehead, which was always the worst part of my face, even when I had acne. I went fro
  2. Oops, wrong forum. I moved my message to the General Acne forum.
  3. Do you know the tea's chinese name?
  4. So Baptista, what cleanser do you use, or recommend?
  5. I've been using it for about two months. It's amazing.
  6. For those of you who do at-home peels regularly, what do you use to degrease your face before applying the peel? I've heard of people using acetone, alcohol, etc. I've used acetone in chem lab and it smells terrible and the thought of alcohol all over my face is slightly scary. Any ideas?
  7. I cannot keep my coconut oil in liquid form! It's so annoying to have to put it in hot water every day a few hours before I want to use it. Any ideas?
  8. Doesn't breaking out mean that your system is being cleansed? I know that is how it works with some medications. I'm going to do the asprin mask twice a day. I hope that's not too much. Is it? ←
  9. I found the perfect thing to get rid of those annoying lumps if you like to make the mask with water. Aspirin. I just put how ever much water I'm going to use in a bowl, add 5 or so uncoated aspirin, wait until they dissolve (like 10 seconds), then I add the clay. It comes out soooo smooth, plus I get the added benefits of the aspirin mask!
  10. Does anyone use those glycerin soaps by Clearly Natural? They are super cheap, like less than $2. I don't expect it to help at all with acne, which I don't have anyway (just clogged pores), but some people say that they are really effective at cleaning away dirt and oil - which is pretty much all I want a cleanser to do. Anyone have any experiences with mostly-glycerin soaps?
  11. Quick question...I really don't like the taste of carrot juice, so would the effect decline if I added apple juice to it to offset the taste? I think it'd be ok...as long as I'm getting the carrot juice in somehow...but I just want to make sure!
  12. Rhinoplasty is the most difficult facial cosmetic procedure. That's why the surgery is so expensive. Someone who isn't charging at least near $5000 probably isn't worth letting them near your nose, IMO.