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  1. I have something like this except only on my jawline..... It's so frustrating..... i have none on my cheeks though...
  2. Thank you so much for feedback. I skipped a day of using epiduo and applied a lot of moisturizer which seemed to help get rid of the peeling.. its been about 2 and a half weeks so far!!! I hope this works out!!
  3. Do any guys here have this problem? I mean all other parts of my face are perfectly fine, but my Chin and jawline wont stop producing acne... I was clear-skinned all the way through high school with only a few tiny blemishes here and there , but as soon as I entered college, I had my first and worst breakout ever, which started from my chin and spread to my jawline. This must be hormonal right? I mean I was pretty hygienic, and I've always had a poor diet my whole life. (Throughout my
  4. That's what I don't get. How in the world do you make a pea sized squeeze of epiduo cover all the affected areas? It just isn't enough. And I will try buying cerava moisturizer. Right now I am using Neutrogena Oil-free combination skin moisturizer, but I can't tell really tell if its working. For moisturized , do you also only apply a pea-sized amount to your entire face?
  5. Hello everyone. So recently I've been using epiduo , and for about a week it actually helped. Now it has been a week and a half and my acne came back inflamed and my skin around my mouth started PEELING LIKE CRAZY. It really hurts and its so embarrassing that I just stay indoors all the day and avoid contact with anyone. I have been using bbcream every now and then, and was wondering if this was okay to use to cover some of it up.... Does anyone have any experience with this?
  6. I was prescribed epiduo about a week and a half ago and have been using ONCE every night as directed.... At first, It was working fine. I noticed painful burning, but I just sucked it up and knew that it was part of the treatment. After only about 2 days I started seeing some improvement. I didn't even use moisturizer! I was so surprised that it was working... (Even some my redness was fading) After using it for about a week however, I noticed that my acne started coming back a little a
  7. Its weird because if I dont put moisturize after putting on epiduo my face doesn't sting. When I do put moisturize on after epiduo, it burns like crazy. I wonder if anyone else gets this.
  8. Thank you! I also hope it works out. I think i am seeing some improvement. How long do you wait to moisturize after applying Epiduo? And Do you moisturize both morning and night?
  9. Before? I thought you were suppose to apply after? Won't the moisturize prevent the epiduo from permeating into your skin?
  10. I have been using epiduo for a few days now and have noticed peeling skin in one area. Should i keep applying epiduo on this area of peeling ?
  11. Judging from the google images, I don't think it's perioral dermatitis . I woke and started with a few bumps that developed really quickly under my lower lip/ upper chin. My friends thought they were herpes or something... Then my chin area began to develop those very tiny flesh colored bumps (I think clogged pores or comedones). I had this for awhile then after a few weeks they turned into whiteheads, but suddenly returned inflamed again and red. fast forward a few weeks and it spread
  12. Wait should i Moisturize only areas with acne or my entire face? My cheeks do not have acne should I still moisturize it? My whole life i was fine without moisturizing my cheeks.. I never had a breakout there. I'm afraid if I change something now itll cause a breakout.
  13. Thanks for the encouragement. Hopefully during the winter break I can figure all of this out... It's funny because I've always thought "Man I wonder how bad it feels like to have a lot of acne, too bad i'll never get it" I cursed myself. I remember during high school i wouldn't even care about my skin that much. I would rest my head in my hands or sleep on my arms , and even sleep on my pillow with my face touching it.. I never had a bad breakout and my skin was so clean still. N
  14. I use my fingers right? Not like a Q-tip or anything? I feel uncomfortable touching my acne though, fearing that it will make it worse.
  15. sigh.... I hope this works out/ I'm wondering if this is hormonal. I mean if i had really nice skin throughout my teens and suddenly got a huge breakout on my chin and jawline at 18. Then it must be hormonal right?