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  1. can you please tell me where i need to go/who i need to go to to take this test? and can you please tell me the exact name or type of probiotics you are taking I went to Direct Labs to order my tests; they have good prices and it's between you and their company so no need to see any doctors. But you'll likely be paying cash. Best thing to do is save up money for multiple tests at once because if you just do 1 test at a time you won't be gleaning as much meaning from them as if you do multiple
  2. I agree with the people that said to take probiotics. Definitely do that. What helped me the most, as someone who has proven insulin resistance, was going on a low-carb diet. That made me go from 1 new zit per day to less than 1 new zit per week. I know I have insulin resistance because I took a fasting insulin test and then did the HOMA calculations. Normal fasting insulin is less than 10; mine is over 12. And carbs / sugars make me crash. I recommend that you go in for a full hormone panel
  3. I am in my late 20s. I've been using Retin-A 0.05% for acne since I was about 15 years old. While it did help my skin all those years, it never did completely clear up my complexion. I lived through my teen and young adult years with oily skin and at least one new zit each day. Do not assume that Retin-A will clear your skin up completely; it won't. But it will prevent you from becoming a bubble face that is constantly exploding with zits that then become huge pock marks later. Now, in m
  4. Jojoba oil. Hands down. $10 and it lasts and lasts.
  5. I'd never tell anyone about this in real life, but I'm sure I'm not the only one... Breakouts/pimples/zits bother me. A lot. I mean really a lot. So much that I cannot resist; I must pop them. And when I pop them, they take, on average, 20 days to completely heal. And this is not acceptable. I want to somehow mitigate this. See, this is the only reason I wear makeup. To cover a place where I popped a zit while it heals. The makeup makes it take longer to heal though. And the makeup cause
  6. alternativista, I wasn't trying to keep my antimicrobial bodywashes and soaps, I was trying to understand bodywashes and soaps and their true role in cleansing my body because all this time I had assumed that all soaps were killing bacteria and that was the supreme function of them. Oh, how ignorant I was!!!!! Since my last post in this thread, I have made several sweeping changes to my facial regimen. Things that I never thought in my life I would be doing. And the outcome was shock
  7. This is something I've been asking too, and the answer is either not there or difficult / scientific to answer. There are lots of threads though that go into detail. Do some advanced searches for "comedogenic" or "non-comedogenic" ingredients list and such.
  8. I stopped using my facial moisturizer and replaced it with organic jojoba oil. This doesn't make my face feel oily or weighed down at all; it feels light and my skin loves the stuff. Also it will last all day. Oh and it will last and last and last. A tiny amount goes a long way. You only need like a tiny drop and you can wipe it over your whole face. Also I think if your face is getting oily very fast it's probably because you are keeping it too dry. I did this with my face for years until I
  9. Wow, #2 blew my mind. I looked at all the soaps in my bathroom and found that one of the hand soaps I'm using doesn't have an antibacterial component and therefore when I use it, I'm not killing the germs, but just rinsing them down the drain off my hands. And I'm probably not rinsing them all off. And one of my bodywashes isn't antibacterial either. All my life I've been assuming that any and all soaps are actually KILLING the germs. I had no idea that for the most part all they do is catch so
  10. I really really like the surfactant sodium cocoyl isethionate. It is so mild and feels luxurious on my skin. I'm using a non-soap bar that has this ingredient and I'd like to just buy this ingredient in powdered form and make my own cleanser with it. Does anyone know where I can buy it at a good price? Thanks.
  11. So I've been trying to figure out exactly how tretinoin works in the skin, in lots of detail. All I have been able to find so far is that it quickens cell turnover. I was reading about alpha and beta hydroxy acids and I was like, so what is the difference between tretinoin and the hydroxy acids? Tretinoin is a drug but the acids are not, so tretinoin must be more intense/dangerous than the acids. Does anyone have any info on this? Thanks.
  12. In order of importance: 1. Changing my diet from high-carb (300+ grams carbohydrates daily) to under 100 grams carbs per day reduced my acne from 1-2 new zits per day down to 1-2 new zits per week. 2. Using a moisturizer every day after washing my face caused my face to produce less of its own oil. 3. Cleansing my face with a more mild cleanser stripped less of the oil off my face and therefore my face produced less of its own oil. Hope that helps.
  13. Hey guys I'm back months later to my original posting because I'm tackling this issue again. When I first posted this thread and read the responses, I simply didn't believe/agree with them...I'm pretty hard headed haha. And as a person who has had oily skin for over a decade, I was afraid to try anything new. However, since I posted this thread, I have been making permanent lifestyle changes (in order to avoid getting diabetes) that have in turn caused some dramatic changes in my body and me
  14. Hi guys, after over a decade of using Tretinoin topical cream for acne, I wonder if I need to be using it anymore. After starting a low-carbohydrate diet about 3 months ago, I rarely get new zits. I still do have blackheads though, and I'd like to make those stop completely but not sure how. I'm wondering if I should stop using this medication. If I were to stop using it, what would that do to me? How long would it take for my skin to normalize? What would the new normal be like? Would I have
  15. Wow. I had no idea they would do something like that to you guys over in the UK. Currently, it seems that your best bet is Aknemycin plus lotion.