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    Yah! So glad you kicked acne but! I would like to ask you if your periods became regular? My daughter is still spotting and having periods every two weeks. Hopefully this will work itself out cause I don't like the idea of adding birth control along with the spiro. Thanks and congratulations!
  2. Hello. My daughter began taking spironolactone around her 15th birthday. The only side effect she has is CLEAR SKIN! Her gynecologist prescribed 100mg 4 months ago and her severe acne has dwindled down to 1 or 2 active pimples which quickly heal. She does get a salicylic/ microdermabrasion facial every 3 weeks. You may want to call doctors in your area and specifically ask if they will prescribe spiro for your daughter. All I can say is it has been a miracle and if you have any more question
  3. What the heck, is that what happened?? Why on earth would they delete the hormonal forum? I'm with you green gables I don't feel like wading through all the other topics to get to the information I want. Acne.org bring back hormonal forum!!!!!
  4. Thanks for the update! Your posts have been very helpful. How is your hyperpigmentation? Have you had any treatments to correct it? So happy for you!
  5. Hang in there! It sounds like its working because your skin is less oily and it's purging all your old gunk out. I highly recommend going to a esthetician and get a salicylic peel/microdermabrasion treatment to clear out all your congestion, it did wonders for my daughter. She is also on her 2nd month of spiro (100 mg) and it has been a miracle! I would say her skin is 75% better. Do you know exactly how many weeks you have been taking spiro? It seems like it takes 8 (horrible) weeks until you
  6. Nice!! You saw that much improvement on 50 mg of spironolactone? Interesting. It makes me wonder if everyone should start out on lower amounts and then SLOWLY increase dosage. So happy for you!
  7. Thanks for update. Hm... Zinc oxide,isn't that sunscreen? Look forward to see your results with it. Still doing 20 percent peel? Daughters derm only does 10 percent peel, maybe because she is a redhead with sensitive skin? She started using benzoyl peroxide, and it seems to have cleared a lot of the active pustules. Cheek area is dark red and scarred, looks like,to borrow your words," raw hamburger". Do you think the acid peels are the best way to get rid of scarring? What else gets rid of
  8. Probably a good sign. You're supposed to get that "pregnancy glow" when you're ovulating...I guess that signals hey men, I'm fertile!!!...but that glow is basically just a youthful puffiness GREEN GABLES- So glad to see you again! Your wisdom and encouragement have been sorely missed. How are you doing? Skin still "glowing"?Any changes/updates?
  9. It sounds like you are doing better We went to Clinique to get "better" makeup. Hopefully this will help. What kind of makeup,do you use?
  10. Hey, thanks for the updates! Bless your heart, sorry for what you are going through. My daughter is on day 41 100 mg of spiro and she is still breaking out, but the breakouts are less severe. I'm impressed that you apply your own salicylic peel. Where and how do you purchase one? I've been paying $100 for my daughters microdermabrasion/peels. She has one scheduled again tomorrow. I think they have really helped clear out some of the congestion. Thanks for posting your pictures, your skin
  11. Hello Ekr150. How are you doing? Just wondering if your derm upped your spiro dosage? Would love to hear an update!
  12. Thanks for the update Cherrysoda! It sounds like the spiro is slowly but surely working for you. My daughter is going on her 5th week and I swear this morning her face is looking better yah! I agree with you that all generic spironolactone is not created equal! I think Walmart (amneal) works better than rite aid (Qualitest). Good luck and keep us posted!
  13. I would say my skin is currently the BEST it has been in about 6-7 months. I only have ONE active pimple all the others are fading marks..although I do have a few clogged pores along my jawline but they don't bother me! I have seen the most improvement since my dosage was bumped up to 100mg and i started on RAM .1%. What mg of sprio are you on/how long have you been on it? I've been on it since early September and am just now starting to see any sort of results. Congratulations on clearer skin!
  14. Hello, thanks for your reply, sorry that you are going thru this too. I hope your daughter is doing better, I have heard that accutane does a great job in clearing acne! Please give us updates, I would like to compare our journeys since we went different routes for a cure. This morning my daughters face was definitely dryer, large peeling flakes of skin, it looks bad! Could be from the acid peel or spironolactone, who knows. She has no other side effects from the meds, so far. How about yo
  15. Hello everyone. My daughter(15) just started her 4th week on spironolactone. We are like a lot of people on this board, we tried EVERYTHING(except acutane) to get rid of her severe acne that has plagued her since she was 10 years old The first three weeks were horrible, so many whiteheads, pustules literally couldn't count them all. Yesterday she had a microdermabrasion and salicylic peel, which seemed to help break up the congestion. She started at 50 mg and her GYN upped her to 100mg. I hav