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  1. I think could be good for us! I am in the process of LAVIV. I had to get my cells regrown as they multiply enough the first time. June 13, 2014 – Fibrocell Science, Inc., (NYSE MKT:FCSC), an autologous cell therapy company primarily focused on developing first-in-class treatments for rare and serious skin and connective tissue diseases with high unmet medical needs, today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted orphan drug designation to its genetically-m
  2. GREAT job!!!! you look really good. I have a question for you - could you have returned to work immediately after? did it just look like an acne flareup? WAs there bruising? I am willing to sacrifice some stares in order to better my scars but taking off work is super hard for me. THANKS
  3. Anyone, please? I am reading through their financial statements now and can't get a good sense of what to think. I mean isolagen just disappeared I don't want the same to happen and I be stuck without treatment and a lot of waited cash on flights, hotels etc
  4. Has anyone seen good before and afters on LAVIV? THANKS so much for those who have replied to this thread. I am trying to stay positive an not get caught up int he wave of hype that surrounds most procedures. If Laviv doesn't work at least I will have a million miles with Lufthansa to go with the huge hole in my pocket . Sigh. : )
  5. I know but I work in public relations, so I do a lot of speeches to 200 plus crowds. So if four trips to the US is the price I would have to pay for security, so be it. If anyone has had LAVIV I would love to hear from them. Isolagen I read was hit or miss. I would do fat transfer combined with LAVIV. I have emailed Dr Willliam Boss, the founder as said I would want both procedures. I would only go to him as I read Isolagen was very much dependent on the doctor doing it.
  6. Hi fellow sufferers: I have been on these boards for several years now but never posted as I had nothing new to add. I have rolling scars with tissue loss. One deep scar is due to my dermatologist use of cortisone shot on me for cystic acne. I have had 6 derma rollers, subission, TCA and have improved my scars. However, I want to know if LAVIV will help. I am too scared to get a laser at this point. Thank you, Linda