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  1. Will check out the HCL link thanks. Yeah the concept of going to a doctor without worrying about the cost or if its covered is foreign to me. Yes having the NHS must be nice, enjoy it you don't know how lucky you are. Back on the topic of food. As I alluded to in my earlier posts. I cut out dairy and gluten for considerable lengths of time but never noticed much of a change in symptoms. Also experimented with being vegetarian. Again nothing. So in terms of food I came to the conclusion that i
  2. Yes I know that 8 months is a long time to go without getting checked by a doctor. I have had a couple other long term health problems in the past that have really undermined my faith in doctors. Additionally I am an uninsured American. I feel very reluctant to pay an MD $200 to talk to me for 5 minutes. Dermatologists are, from what I know, considered specialists and therefor even more expensive. Then again this is destroying my life, so I've broken down and have an appointment to get checked.
  3. I started having really bad problems with my skin about 8 months ago. The breakouts started in conjunction with having problems with my stomach. I am not 100% certain but the stomach issue started and was followed shortly by the skin which leads me to believe that the stomach is really whats driving the skin. Since this started I've had low grade nausea/indigestion and near constant breakouts. I've tried a number of things to fix my stomach to little effect. Aside from diet, exercise and hyg
  4. Thank you for the information cvd. Will look into PanOxyl-4, right now I don't use anything topically on my skin just a moisturizer. Will think about the antibiotics, not sure what I have warrants heavy antibiotic use, but my level of desperation is pretty high so who knows. I don't think I have or have ever had acne in the "classic" sense. Never had large portions of skin covered by the rash looking type, moreso just large numbers of individual breakouts. I know nothing about microde
  5. At times my skin does seem slightly more oily than what I think would be considered "normal" or healthy. I'm sure this is part of the issue but don't really know how to address it, hence why I'm on here looking for advice and trying to otherwise educate myself so I can do something to fix this.
  6. Mdp703 - Yeah I know there is alot of information already here, I've read a number of other threads. I guess I was just talking out of frustration. Seemed most posts got a reply... if not many. Michelle - Its hard to remember...as I said skin was a problem for me in the past...and I happily forgot about it. I used teatree oil at one point, a couple neutrogena skin products, and a variety of natural products from the health food store. Thats about all I recall, unfortunately I relied on proac
  7. I guess posting this was a waste of time
  8. I need some advice on how to treat the acne I have. I'm a 26 year old guy, had some problems with my skin when I was younger, used proactiv, got much better, then seemed to stop working. Then it just seemed to fade away between ages 23-25. It was never cystic, and kind of came and went, it was manageable. But now at 26 it seems to have come back out of nothing. About 8 months ago It started and its been the worst and most consistent streak of acne I've ever had. My skin never clears, it just